Exchanging your Residencia for a TIE

Documentation you need:  Passport and copy of the two pages together in the passport where your photo is and biometric details Only need padron if you have moved recently.

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ESCRITURAS – Viewpoint of a Spanish Lawyer

An alternative viewpoint from a Spanish lawyer, he seems to agree with everything John McCracken stated with the exception of the Community of Owners By Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt Lawyer

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ESCRITURAS by John McCracken

CAMPOSOL´s WOES & CURRENT COUNCIL APPROACH This is the first article relating to the headed matter. It is the writer´s intention to follow up the article below with further

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Spanish Government Reciprocal Residency Law

The Brexit jigsaw gained another piece today, with a letter from the UK Brexit Secretary, Steve Barclay to Michel Barnier basically rubber stamping the Spanish Government reciprocal residency law

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A Message From Silvana Buxton

A message from Silvana Buxton In response to questions regarding my standing for the PSOE Political Party, rather than joining CDiP, may I please refer you to the following

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PSOE Manifesto

    Click here to read online:  FOLLETO CAMPOSOL INGLES 15-01-2019-1 Or Click link below to Download: FOLLETO CAMPOSOL INGLES 15-01-2019-1

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