Residents Open Meeting
11 May 2024
Held at Marianno’s Restaurant, Camposol
Present : Phil Gelling (PG) [Chairman]; Jayne Miller (JM) [Secretary];
Plus co-opted Committee : Peter Adams (PA); Paul Gray (PG); Karen Oldfield (KO); Helen Rooke (HR) Apologies for Absence – Wayne Blow
Attended by 21 total including
June Simpson (A); Leona Bogle (B); Bernie Bogle (B); Eileen Sutcliffe (D); Terry Sutcliffe (D); S Baran (B); Carole Griffiths (D); Wyn Griffiths (D); Alain B (D); Gordon Cockburn (D); John Harris (C); Lionel Bray; Tony Dwyer (A); several others unreadable on the signing sheet
The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming attendees and expressing disappointment at the low numbers. One of the aims of the meeting was to gauge impact on residents by recent initiatives by the Ayuntamiento in the light of the way they have been addressing garden waste as well as lighting. After piles of garden waste on D Sector had been inspected by officials, the pile was set alight by unknown persons. Alongside this, the owners of the hotel have placed a denuncia on Ayuntamiento regarding the planned waste area behind. This obviously has a major impact on the Ayuntamiento plans.
A major game changer is the acknowledgement by the Ayuntam as they appear to have finally taken the responsibilities of developer in view of which it is hoped we can press for completion in many aspects, particularly addressing matters of health and safety in respect of all four sectors.
Another purpose of the meeting is to establish whether residents are apathetic or not. Having enjoyed the services of a solicitor for some years, he has stepped back because there are now several groups – 2025/business groups as well as various charity groups. All groups have different aims. In particular the CRA aim to attack major items, whilst the 2025 Group, for example, require CoOs and more minor issues. Some residents have been here 20 years and find the present cost of living is rising beyond their means, added to which it feels as if the ‘battles’ over the years achieve little.
CRA need to find a solution to make Ayuntamiento DO something. Highways/lighting and housing issues should be all part of this.
To the audience – if any of you have ideas they will be welcome
Peter Adams continued expressing the hope that although few in numbers the people here can sign up so that we can go to Ayuntamiento as representing a majority. We need word spread that CRA are up and fighting. Attendees were urged to encourage their neighbours all to join the CRA. Changing population within the democratic means that many more nationalities are represented than previously and CRA is keen to ensure all interests are included.
We need ideas in forward thinking ideas. Questions and comments were invited.
Lionel Bray – new to group and Camposol – commented that 2025 appear to have far more members – why? PG – pointed out that in fact this was a reflection on Facebook membership and not necessarily a contributed membership. Notably the 2025 group deal with small projects attracting those interested in many small elements whereas CRA try to cover projects more widely and obviously fewer in number.

It was reiterated that what the CRA aim to achieve is to change so that there is one team approaching Ayuntamiento – what we want from today is neighbours to realise what is needed – it is time for change, the 12 year plan is not practical – many of us will not beers in 12 years and we need things done with much more immediacy.
Enquiry was made as to current representative on the Ayuntamiento following the demise of Silvana. Carmen, name and email available for those who request. Following AGM in couple weeks, hopefully with new committee we can certainly ensure she is invited to future committee meetings.
Garden rubbish not being addressed, although Ayuntamiento, fire and police all realise there is a real problem in respect of future fire issues
A 6 year resident noted that all meetings we attended by fewer and fewer and acknowledged that if we do not work together we will not get anywhere. In 12 years council will change several times. Their plan is realistically to only change a small percentage. Important to pull everyone together so diff between 12 year loan and the 2,9 million which has been ring fenced. (This latter is to correct things left unfinished). Ayuntamiento have been asked as to interest accruing and also what is it to be spent on.
Lot of houses left ‘incomplete ‘ so far as documentation of completion is concerned. There now is the anomaly whereby the council apply to themselves for licences to complete the properties.
Queries raised surrounding areas earmarked for development where measuring and marking appears to be commencing. Issue is obviously what builders will not be interesting in developing further while there are so many in deep rooted issues. Council banking on selling their plots in order to raise funds to continue the development.
2.9 million is mentioned as down payment for first upgrades to Camposol. 15 million to be found for the rest. Surmise that any interest accruing may be used for paying administrator and various other debts. Owners of the land which is in the course of clearing is under review. Much of the land was sold in 2017 by auction And the owners may now be hoping to sell of individual plots as tidy area.
Health and safety responsibilities need to be pointed out to Ayuntamiento They cannot deny responsibilities for the rubbish and lack of development. It was reiterated that private roads will not be addressed by Ayuntamiento and the CRA neither encourage nor prevent the development of CoOs, which are the bodies responsible for the private areas. Despite this, the Ayuntamiento has indicated there is a possibility that they will take over establish CoOs under certain circumstances.
Ayuntamiento have written their undertaking to take over but this is the first time in decades and they have now set themselves into a legal process (as confirmed by our legal advisors).therefore there is some faith to be set into the possibility of continuing with their intentions as set out However. It would appear there is a way to lock this plan although only the future will determine whether this will be realised, whether for financial or other reasons.
Lionel Bray agreed that residents need to get together. Pursuance of membership would be a start analysing sector membership and demographic factors. He is prepared to accept the challenge to be nominated as membership secretary and is prepared to discuss with retired Membership Secretary, Gordon Cockburn to move membership forward.
PA endeavouring to co-oordinate the various groups identified on Camposol so we work together.