The festering wound of Camposol has been going on now for many years – too many. Well over 15 years if not more.

Camposol suffers from various grave problems, including:

  1. Many houses built on flood risk land.
  1. Many houses are built on public land – in theory their property is public and could be taken away.
  1. Many houses are without a first occupation license.
  1. Many houses are of touristic use as opposed to residential use.
  1. Some houses do not have title deeds.
  1. Some houses are at risk of collapsing.
  1. Some roads are unfinished.
  1. The common infrastructure is not being maintained properly.


The goal is to resolve the main issues as soon as possible using the services and experience of a legal team comprised of:

  • The head of the team called Gerardo Vazquez, Abogado, of dual British and Spanish nationality, advisor to and spokesperson for the homeowners association AUAN in Andalucia.
  • The Abogado Eduardo Amor, a specialist in administrative law.
  • The Abogado Pedro Rivera, a property and litigation specialist.
  • The technician Ronnie Howley, an expert in town planning.
  • Maura Hillen MBE, former president of AUAN, helping to coordinate the group.

In this they are concentrating on the flood risk problem given that this involves a risk to life and property – they are using this as a catalyst to resolve other problems also, given that everyone understands that this needs solving as soon as possible.

To do this we need to campaign and this is what we have been doing with the assistance of the head of the team and Maura Hillen.

The view of the team is that unless a matter is  in the public eye it will not easily be resolved, and that such a problem as big as this needs as much support as possible.


Campaign work recently undertaken, in a short period of time – the team started to actively deal with this matter towards the middle of last year – has included:

  • Various meetings held to discuss with CRA, to consider their problems and advise.
  • Visits on site have been arranged with the Vox, Ciudadanos and PP political
  • Meetings have been held with all political parties in Regional Parliament – to obtain support so that the regional government is requested to set up a round table, between the water authorities, the regional government and the Town Hall, to resolve the planning problems of Camposol
  • The two main parties in the regional parliament (PP and PSOE) have tabled a motion to this effect, which should shortly be debated. The other parties are also favourable, except the left wing Podemos party whose position is not very clear.
  • The governing PP party is in favour of such a round table, so that it is likely to be constituted.
  • This is what the legal team are concentrating on given that they believe that the Town Hall alone is not capable of resolving the matter. In addition, the matter is a question of regional importance.
  • They are also seeking representation for the residents to be included in the round table – though this is more difficult.
  • The regional liberal Ciudadanos have been helpful.
  • A question to the Spanish government on Camposol has been tabled by Ciudadanos in the Spanish parliament in Madrid and has been replied to. This was reported in the press.
  • A question to the Murcia regional government has been tabled on Camposol by Ciudadanos in the Murcia regional parliament and has been replied to.
  • At considerable effort, and after substantial difficulties, documentation on the community of owners issue has been obtained, and the matter has been discussed with a Notary public and an administrative Lawyer.
  • Bottom line is that many people have bought into a community of owners responsible for the upkeep of the internal common facilities – such as internal roads and street lighting etc. This is even though the community of owners may not yet have been activated.
  • There is a way for the internal roads to be taken over by the Town Hall and run by them, if they were willing to do so, which appears unlikely in the case of the current administration, which appears to be pushing for these communities to be activated.
  • The residents now need to decide what they want to do.
  • Video meetings and discussions have been held with the British consulate which has kindly taken a renewed interest in the matter and is being very helpful to the extent that it can.
  • A technician has been to see the bridge which has problems, on behalf of the association, arranged by the team.
  • We are awaiting his report.
  • Eduardo Amor, has made an application to the Town Hall so that we have some say and can keep an eye on the use of the developer´s bank guarantee monies (towards 3 million Euros) to be applied to the urbanisation – acceptance of this application is pending by the Town Hall and we are pressing.
  • Should the Town Hall not cooperate, the next stage would be for Eduardo to apply to take part in the execution proceedings of the Court which decided those such funds be given to the Town Hall for infrastructure defects.
  •  Advice and assistance have been given by Maura Hillen on the status of the Association and how to update its statutes.
  • A meeting of the Association to do this is pending.
  • A media campaign has been started with press releases and media posts made.
  • If a matter is not in the media and press it does not really exist.
  • Clinics have been held to assist members with problems.
  • These are ongoing.
  • Budgetary information has been obtained and published relating to the Mazarron Town Hall from the official bulletin.
  • Of the millions of Euros needed to fix Camposol, according to conversations with the administrations, only some 800,000 seems to be applied to the urbanisation in this budget – for the tarmacing of one of the roads.
  • Contact has been arranged between the CRA and the Murcia anti planning abuse association AUN-M.
  • There are synergies there and ongoing cooperation is likely.
  • A meeting has been held with Town Hall and opposition leader to discuss.
  • The Town Hall agreed to hold periodic meetings, but these have not taken place, despite our endeavours.
  • Discussions are ongoing with the opposition leader (PP party), who are being helpful.


  1. To set up the round table mentioned above, given that we think that this is the only way to resolve the problems of Camposol.
  2. How? The politicians will move if they see that it is a matter of concern, which it is.
  3. The Town Hall needs to move.


  1. The Town hall could be more helpful
  2. We are unaware of anything important undertaken by the current administration of the Town Hall to resolve the main problems of Camposol.
  3. We are of the view that the current administration could give much more attention to the problems of Camposol
  4. The CRA are doing there bit along with our legal team, as is evident, but we need the cooperation of the residents to achieve important results in the matter as soon as possible.

Gerardo believes that the regional government will eventually move, but we need the residents to:-

Adopt a positive attitude, be active and get involved through the CRA, with a common goal, which is to resolve the problems of Camposol, which we hope that they will do.

Further action should shortly be taken on the use of the almost 3 million bank guarantee monies and on the bridge.

Gerardo has suggested a general meeting with the members to discuss all this and to answer any questions.

The CRA and their legal team need the support of residents and members to achieve success so please get behind us.

We are in the process of setting up an AGM now that covid restrictions are being cut back.