We will be holding an AGM on the 15th of June 2022 at Mariano’s on A Sector Camposol at 15:30. Due to time constraints imposed by the venue, the meeting will have to vacate the hall at 17:00 sharp to allow access for another booked party. More details will follow nearer the scheduled date.

There are several items that must be addressed prior to the AGM, the following are the relevant extracts from the CRA constitution for your information:

Section 8 – Members’ Rights
Members shall have the following rights:

  1. To take part and vote at General meetings, either in presence or in writing.
  2. To be notified of any agreement adopted by Committee.
  3. Be entitled to vote and stand as a candidate to the Committee.
  4. To receive information regarding the agreements and performances of the Association, including the statement of accounts, at General meetings, or in writing through the CRA website, the CRA Notice boards or the press.
  5. To make any suggestion to improve the Association and its purpose.
  6. To take part in any activity that the Association may organise.
  7. To be heard before any disciplinary action is adopted against him/her, and be informed of the facts which led to it.
  8. To oppose any agreement reached by the Committee that s/he considers illegal under Spanish Law and/or this Constitution.

Section 9 – Members Obligations
Members’ obligations are as follows:

  1. To respect the Constitution and accept and observe the agreements legally adopted by the Committee, as representatives of the Association.
  2. To attend and take part in meetings and Association activities.
  3. To fulfil the functions of any role for which one has been elected and has accepted.
  4. To share the purpose of the Association and to work towards the achievement of its objectives, contributing to the good name of the Association and of the Urbanisation.
  5. To pay the membership fees and any other contributions according to the Constitution requirements.

If we look at Members Rights, Item 3 in closer detail, Be entitled to vote and stand as a candidate to the Committee. As a member, you have a right to vote for or against any person that is standing for election or re-election to the committee.
All current committee members will either be standing down, having completed their 3 year commitment when they joined the committee or they will be standing for re-election, your vote will determine their acceptability or otherwise.
As a member, you have a right to put yourself forward as a potential candidate for the committee. If you would like to do so, please send an email to stating – Your full name, your NIE and your CRA membership number (if you cannot remember your membership number, we will check our register and confirm to you via whatever email address you used) All applications to stand for committee must be received no later than midnight Friday 20th May 2022. Applicants will be invited to meeting with current committee to discuss their suitability and if successful, will be included in subsequent notification to members for voting purposes.
Once the full list of candidates has been established, we will move to the next phase of notification to all members. Members have a right to vote in person or to vote via proxy if they do not or cannot attend the AGM.
Finally, due to time constraints being imposed by the venue, we ask all members that have a specific question that they want answered, to advise us of their question in advance and we will call as many questioners as is possible at the meeting. To register your question, please send email to , with your name, membership number and summary of your question, then subject to time constraints on the day, the chairman will ask you to stand up and ask your question in person.

Gordon Cockburn
CRA Membership Secretary and Vice Chairman