Minutes of Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 11 May 2022, 10.30am

Sensol Golf Club

Present :

Phil Gelling [Chairman] (PG); Jayne Miller [Secretary] (CJM); Colin Barton [Treasurer] (CB); Gordon Cockburn (GC);  Angela Skinner (AS)

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies received from Steve Reynolds

  1. Minutes of previous meeting :

There being no objections to the minutes of meeting held 20 April, duly signed by the Chairman.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

CB provided updated information having paid the invoice in respect of the engineer’s report of €1179.75 and associated costs, the various balances stand as bank balance €1717, PayPal account (having received some subscription payments) 123.37 and cash in hand €174.  It was noted that payments to the C Team since March 2020, amount to a total of €12 815.

The problem continued with linking the bank account to PayPal. It had been identified that since bank account has more than the one signatory this is in conflict to the single signatory required on PayPal. CB continues to attempt to resolve.

Discussion covered ways of raising funds in the past including following the Garrigues report and business sponsorship.  With the development of the Business Association there would be little in this latter direction.

  1. Membership

Currently 1437 – PG to follow up two enquiries which seem not to have transpired with completed application forms.

Discussion turned to usage of the payments section on website which needs clear directions to assist users, particularly for any unsure of making online payments.

Website must be updated that CRA is no longer free membership and subscriptions are required. GC to draft and circulate to CJM and CB for amendment prior to sending on to PG for final publication.

  1. AGM

(Arranged for 15.30 on 15 June at Mariano’s)

Will need change for any who wish to pay their subscription.

Still an issue with membership numbers since a new list generated in 2019. Money at door only accepted if already registered as member.

Access to room available from 15.00. Chairs will need to be available. Tony Dwyer will set up sound system. Start time to be 15.30. Agenda items to be submitted beforehand in order that responses may be formulated. Meeting to be tightly controlled and to finish completely by 17.00.

Again invitations to the AGM and to stand for Committee to be sent out and posted on website etc as a matter of urgency, noting that any not able to attend may send apologies with name, Membership Number and NIE together with relevant voting comments. GC to draft notifications/notices before end of week, including a note that a member has a right to stand for election to the Committee, however such nominations must be received two weeks beforehand.

  1. Update on progress by Gerardo

One of the elements is that he is following up with Eduardo investigating irregular housing. PG has enquired again of progress – Gerardo considers more publicity is required.  List of achievements to date still awaited.

Gerardo had stated that the engineer’s report to be sent to PP party query was raised as to whether this has this gone and indeed it should go to all Parties.

  1. Website

Paypal button now set up – need to specify at first stages how much intending to pay. There needs to be details of how much to pay for pro-rata this year, or a 6-month rate.

Adding .pdf to website not practical management of the website continues to be complicated but Laurence has been very helpful.

Notice board also needs updated, including AGM notice. Key held by Consum.

Link Facebook to website – Action PG

  1. Future Plans

AGM, get hold of Gerardo, improve profile.

  1. Any Other Business

At the last meeting at the Town Hall last October, a statement had been made that a new bridge would be built and plans should be available by November – these appear not to have materialised – follow up required

Regular update on Facebook needed – blow the trumpet of achievements by CRA

Google box – not really needed but PG and CJM to check any impact on GMail addressed emails if cancelled.

In future it may be possible to feed information to AS who will create relevant publicity.

PG has received invitation to Jubilee Celebration at the Embassy in Madrid. Suggested that someone on the Committee could act as a +1. Maybe ask Maura.

Next meeting :  25 May. 10.30 at Golf Club