Minutes of Committee Meeting
Wednesday, 5 July 2023, 11.30pm
Sensol Golf Club
Present : P Gelling (PG) [Chairman] Gordon Cockburn (GC) [Vice Chairman]; Jayne Miller (CJM) [Secretary]; Colin Barton (CB) [Treasurer]

1. Apologies for Absence
Peter Adams; Wayne Blow (WB) phoned through his apologies

2. Minutes of previous meeting :
Minutes of the meeting held 29 May 2023, having been circulated, and there being no further comment, were duly signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters Arising
No items which would not be covered by the agenda

4. Follow up on AGM – 21 June 2023
Very sad to see so few in attendance although it was pleasing that those there did respond to invitation for comments. It had been noted on facebook about poor attendance – although one comment noted how nice it was to get an update in respect of ongoing matters.

5. Financial
5.1. Treasurer’s Report
Little activity small income of subscriptions, low outgoings. Total assets on paper €6014 on paper – but nearly €2.5k inaccessible in Paypal.

5.2. Tarjeta Fiscal / PayPal Account
In hand – PG to visit Ana next day

6. Round Table (last meeting 14 September 2022)
Email reminder sent to Gerardo to enquire current position together with enquires regarding several other issues.

7. Update on progress by C Team
Nothing further to report .

8. Website
Up to date – continuing under management of PG.

9. Plans for the future
Recruitment of more committee members – plans for strategy. So disappointing that there are only 195 paying members paying out of 4000 residents. GC could provide a breakdown in respect of demographic to approach other speaking communities – and maybe we need to establish what our members need. Sad that residents don’t attend meetings and don’t response to emails and what we need to do is put forward an appropriate enquiry to the membership, inviting responses and then analyse.

10. Any Other Business
Proposed GC, seconded CB help desk reduce to once per month – first Monday of the month with reverting to every Monday through January and February.

PG to contact Silvana to enquire follow up on promised regular, minuted meetings.

Following some FB comments, it must be remembered that any benefits obtained by CRA will be enjoyed by all of Camposol and not just ‘members’. Discussion followed on ways to moderate FB on underlying precepts of the Constitution. Bad language messages are unacceptable however it could be impossible to censor and moderate. There appeared to be two options – cease FB take it down or moderate more closely.

Communications officer to be requested to produce brief articles for Costa Cálida, deadline approximately 10th of the month – to be confirmed to WB.

PG still working on obtaining digital signature not only for himself but also for CRA in the hopes that the one for the CRA will be usable by all committee in the case of necessity for CRA business.

Consideration to be given to data protection issues during the forthcoming months.

Date of next meeting:
6 September 2023, 11.30am at the Golf Club