Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday, 15 April 2024 at Camposol Golf Club
Present : Phil Gelling (PG) [Chairman]; Jayne Miller (JM) [Secretary]; Peter Adams (PA); Paul Gray (PG);
Karen Oldfield (KO)
NB. Meeting dates changed post-meeting
1. Apologies for Absence – Helen Rooke
2. Minutes of previous meeting : (9 April 2024)
Having been circulated, there being no comment were signed by the Chairman,
3. Matters Arising
There were no matters not covered by the agenda.
4. Finances
€485 in PayPal; the bank balance is currently around €2700; cash in hand €480. There is
currently an issue in transferring funds from UK.
5. Plans for the future Meetings
Open meeting 11 May – 1pm Mariano’s – PG to book AGM – 25 May – 1pm Mariano’s – PG to
The aim of CRA now must be to keep alive and get things done – the Ayuntamiento request us to
continue and hope they will continue to work with us. Gerardo also hopes we will continue to
work closely with them. NJ has indicated he has no intention of working with CRA. However, we
are clear that we wish to co-operate by encouraging the Ayuntamiento working on improvements
for Camposol and in this respect it is more awkward working alone. Would like to know why the
2025 Group are so antipathetic toward a joint force, so we could negotiate mutual support. PA
is talking with various groups around Camposol to ensure we are able to present a unified front
for working with the Ayuntamiento and therefore we now need the public to be in support.
Major issue on the part of residents is the antipathy to creation of CoOs. Members of the 2025
group are keen to promote CoOs but have not succeeded and seem to feel they are failing in this
objective – which is also an objective of the Ayuntamiento. Despite including Gerardo and his
team with a hope of ameliorating some of the expenses of CoO, general development of CoOs
across Camposol has not materialised.
The paper currently being issued by Mazarrón is a plan scheduled to last for 12 years and
hopefully this will span future changes of local government. It is currently being circulated by
Monday, 15 April 2024 Page 1 of 2
hand starting on A, with delivery requiring signature. At the end of the process notice will be
posted in the local Gazette and all residents will. be deemed to have received notification.
Discussion turned to the preparation of an open letter and a consequent Open Meeting, to be
followed by AGM later in May.
Open Letter
Dear resident (owners and renters)
You are cordially invited to an open meeting hosted by the CRA for the purpose of providing an
update on current situation with CRA advising where we are on Camposol and setting out future.
As a refocusing of CRA activities and ensuring we are achieving the objectives they desire from
their local representative residents’ association. At this meeting you will be able to ask questions
based on what the CRA brings to Camposol and, conversely, what you can contribute to the CRA.
This meeting is for positive discussion to move Camposol forward on current issues and develop
the future in the way we wish. One of the reasons for the meeting is to clarify the understanding
residents should have in respect of Ayuntamiento plans.
Also we would like to receive membership subscriptions for new and existing members.
Opportunity for existing members to renew and new members will be welcomed.
Venue tba
Microphone only to be used for questions etc. discussion not to be allowed in respect of private
6. Any Other Business
Help desk
La and PG doing every Friday. Subject to weather
PG enquired whether minutes should be posted. It was reiterated that the front page on website
needs to block off detailed information – detailed pages to require subscription access.
Currently PDrury reports on Camposol Today with anything promoted by the Ayuntamiento. We
need to publicise information (Noting ‘as publicised on FB’ etc) so people can access. Make sure
that people who pay have access to closed pages which give details of what we have been able
to achieve as a result of their subscriptions.
Further Committee dates to be advised
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