Meeting with the Mayor & deputy Mayor of Mazarrón 13th March 2024.

Today we attended the Town Hall to meet with the Mayor and Councillors. The meeting was to discuss the plans to complete the public areas of Camposol.

The Councillor for Urbanismo, updated the CRA and legal advisor on progress of rerouting of the Rambla running through sector D, the route discussed with the water Authority will now be sent to the drafting stage to draw up the project plan.

The Avenida de los Cavochas resurfacing project planning stage has a deadline of May, once the budget has been allocated, then it will be put out for tender in September.

Discussion with the various Council departments have taken place, on how the work to complete Camposol will be prioritised and this is still ongoing.

We were informed that all of the above will be part of the 2024 budget, so pending until the budget is passed, which should be in the next two months.

The CRA asked that all Political parties support the Town Hall on plans to finish Camposols public areas. The PP party and the VOX representatives who were present agreed.

It was made clear to the members of the meeting that the residents of Camposol need to see physical evidence of progress, not just proposals. We suggest for example repairing and switching on Street lights in public areas of Sector D, as this is an accident waiting to happen and this would be a problem for the Town Hall.

Although it was a short meeting it was amicable. More importantly the Mayor had personally invited the CRA representatives to attend the meeting, which is a rare thing in itself. So there’s real progress.

It is now crucial that we as home owners and residents of Camposol capitalise on the open door to working with the Town Hall to move forward. The Mayor is very aware that the Camposol Residents Association has a limited membership currently, so does not have to invite us to any meetings. Please support the CRA to keep the dialogue going. More members mean we have greater weight in discussions and meetings.