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Agenda for Committee Meeting
Monday, 1 August 2022, noon
Sensol Golf Club
Present: P Gelling (PG) [Chairman] Gordon Cockburn (GC) [Vice Chairman]; Jayne Miller (CJM) [Secretary];
Colin Barton (CB) [Treasurer]; Wayne Blow (WB); Angela Skinner (AS)
1. Apologies for Absence
G Cockburn
2. Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held 4 July, having been circulated and there being no comment, were duly signed by the Chairman.
3. Matters Arising
There were no matters not covered by the agenda
4. Treasurer’s Report
Income €1367 subscriptions 35, €266 petty cash, €1049 PayPal – €3654 net worth. No payments received since 25 July. We have emailed those who responded positively but remaining membership not advised. Someone needs to activate emails to all membership
CB highlighted the need to compile a new membership list of those who actually pay – these will be the actual membership. Ask Gordon to create, possibly through Mail Chimp.
Whilst going through – 2020 accounts, CB queried that there was an amount of €250 taken. This probably related to FAST and MABS donations in March and June 2020. Maura to be advised that no detailed accounts are available
5. Membership
No info available
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6. Methodology for subscription collection
Notice regarding subscriptions circulated. File to be sent to PG to include on website.
File of those who voted- 239 – have been circulated requesting money. Membership Secretary to be requested to follow up on all members. Database to be linked in for circulations
7. Update on registration of CRA
In hand with Maura Hill and Gordon Cockburn
8. Update on progress by C Team
Gerardo working through August. We need to decide what we want to do promoting CRA as being on the side of the residents in the face of the many ways we have tried different processes over the years. Tried pursuing through central government as well as tourist board and also ombudsmen and Region. Gerardo still had to pay a visit to all parties to get matters moving .
PG has spoken with a previous CRA Chairman who regrets not having better addressed the interests of CRA. Most progress has been made in the last 18 months with Maura and Gerardo who have more in depth knowledge of managing the Spanish systems.
9. Campaign for Voting Registration
SW to investigate with Maura in order that numbers can be increased to levy matters with the Ayuntamiento. A priority could be to obtain a polling station back on Camposol.
10. Website
Five items to be uploaded – PG has not done anything in the heat. Several items on .pdf from Gerardo. PG has had to investigate processes and as previously has experienced difficulties. Intends to work on updating this afternoon.
11. Any Other Business
SW to speak with Laurence at Murcia Today regarding publicity. Need to establish cut-off dates for provision of copy (?15/16 of each month). All groups’ Facebook pages etc as well as publications and website to be addressed.
Try to link with other charity organisations, particularly Age Concern who are trying to move themselves forward – include others such as MABS, Gardening Groups, FAST, Noahs Ark, Forget me not etc. As a Benefits Co-dominator AS also to investigate advertising options for financial assistance issues.
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Any ideas how to pay bank transfer without payee, 12 – 15 have not done this so at this time we have no idea of who these are If people don’t follow instructions we have no way of following up.
The floods of 2014 highlighted problems of lack of insurance. It may be appropriate to involve insurance companies in the case of another Gota Fria in that the flooding is quite likely to occur again with the result of potentially high claims and a further pressure group from this aspect may be of assistance. They obviously have an interest in ensuring that the problems are satisfactorily resolved before the next Gota Fria. Also we should be following up on H&S issues as well as insurance. If Iberdrola do have an insurance cover for 2.50 per month in case of problems – maybe this is also something which should be highlighted to the residents
Meeting closed 14.17
Date of next meeting 29 August noon at Sensol Golf Club