Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday, 29 August 2022, 1300
Sensol Golf Club

Present : P Gelling (PG) [Chairman] Gordon Cockburn (GC) [Vice Chairman]; Jayne Miller (CJM) [Secretary];
Colin Barton (CB) [Treasurer]; Wayne Blow (WB)

1. Apologies for Absence
Angela Skinner.

2. Minutes of previous meeting :
Minutes of the meeting held 1 August, having been circulated, changes were made to references to WS changed to WB and AS; there being no comment, were duly signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters Arising
There were no matters not covered by the agenda

4. Treasurer’s Report
CB reported August income of €104.70 and expenses of €315.10 – the major item being €290 for web hosting. Across the accounts, cash in hand, Paypal and bank total assets are €3442.

5. Membership
Only appears to be one resignation as a result of implementation of subscription membership. Official membership currently stands at approximately 1400. The difficulty is converting household membership to individual membership

Email concerning subscriptions to go out, including justification once again for necessity for raising funds – also an email to request update on address if no longer interested in receiving information from CRA.

6. Methodology for subscription collection
Ongoing problems of payments going into bank without the name of the payee. CB has tried to investigate with the Bank and now disposed to make a formal complaint of lack of attention.

WB not had opportunity to further the possibility of a desk at Consum. Probably important to fix a day to discuss with shoppers, Monday seemed to be the best – WB to control rota – 11am to 1pm

PG to put on website, on Facebook and circulate newsletter and have the first day 5 September. CB to provide a receipt book to receive cash payments. (PG has purchased three receipt books) 

7. Update on registration
Official registration impossible during August – Maura has advised likely to take 2-4 months.

8. Update on progress by C Team
Gerardo has been on holiday – nothing will happen in August. He has suggested arranging a social event. Pedro is chasing up the situation with the €3 million. Round Table meeting to be held 14 September – matters should start to progress after that.
There are so many residents unaware of the present situation and we need to be careful of how we approach them to update the information. Investigate possibility of identifying the homes at most risk and after the Round Table meeting we may have more information to pass on to the residents in this respect. We need to know how much pressure we can levy on CHS and understand whether they have had the opportunity of investigating all the options.

9. Campaign for Voting Registration
To be included on the ‘help’ desk – not aware of any political party able to focus on Camposol. Maura is checking on any new requirements since Brexit in respect of local -v- national requirements. WB to check current forms. PG to enquire of Maura as to requirements for polling station and then include question on Newsletter to enquire for a response as to how many residents would appreciate a polling station on Camposol.

10. Website
All up and running – remaining issues concern some functions of usability of the website.

11. Plans for the future
Deferred to the next meeting. Ask Gerardo whether we have a Zoom meeting prior to the Round Table – query the date of the meeting

12. Any Other Business
Access to info@camposolresidents.es user name to be provided to CJM.

19 September next meeting, 1.30pm