The CRA will be manning a CRA reach out and information desk on Monday morning the 5th September 2022 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Commercial Centre B. We hope to have this every Monday until further notice. We will be dealing with members issues and gathering members fees and thoughts. This will be subject to weather conditions and manning requirements.
The CRA have a round table meeting soon with the Town Hall, the Region and the CHS to discuss the Rambla issue on D sector.
We are also having a zoom meeting with our legal team before that meeting to discuss what the aim is for the round table meeting.
We need to know what is happening with the Town Hall and the monies from the bank guarantees and the court cases that our legal team thought were still open.
Why were we not invited to put forward some ideas for projects whilst certain residents were.
We are also looking at a Political Strategy going forward as advised by our legal team.
We need your support and your input and funds to achieve success. If you are wanting to join the CRA then go to our front page and hit the how to join tab. We would like you to join so we have a louder voice when meeting with those who have the responsibility for fixing what is wrong.