Camposol Residents Association (CRA)  

Special Newsletter 

Camposol Residents Association (CRA) is pleased to announce in collaboration with Gerardo Vazquez, Spanish Lawyer  of Vazquez Estudio Jurídico, a clinic to assist those with specific Camposol property related issues, to be held on  Saturday 111h December, which will be open to application by all members of the CRA.  

Gerardo is a bilingual Lawyer (Abogado) registered in the Almería Bar and is of dual Spanish and English nationality.  He has a Master´s degree from University College London on European and Comparative Law, including time spent  studying in the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London. He has worked in London, Malaga, Madrid and is now  based in Mojacar in Almeria. In the last 15 years his work has centred on real-estate and planning issues, and during  those years he has been successful in assisting to change various Spanish and Andalucian Laws to protect property  purchasers and as a result he has appeared in the international and national media on numerous occasions. 

Gerardo is currently working with the CRA on issues related to Camposol and in recent months has successfully raised  the long-standing issues with authorities at local, regional and national level. During this time, he has been studying  Camposol property related matters and has offered to try to help residents with some of these by giving up his time  to give some non-binding initial advice to those affected.  

The clinic will be free of charge to the residents and will involve a series of 6 x 20 minute sessions each and will  concentrate on issues such as ownership and title, property/plot mismatches, properties built on public land and or  the Rambla Los Aznares, properties at risk of flooding, properties designated as turistico, rules relating to ownership  and maintenance of roads, planning issues and communities of owners. The clinic is not to deal with non-property  related matters. There will not be time to go into the specific issues in detail, but Gerardo should be able to point 

people in the right direction. 

Attendees will be expected to take their own notes and also bring with them copies of their escritura and their  cadastral details, along with the location of their property on a cadastral map. Any other supporting documents may  be useful, however the session is 20 minutes, so do not bring reams of paper, or else the output may not be as  valuable. 

We are trying to keep this as simple as possible, so in the first instance, if you would like to attend the clinic, please  respond to with your name, address, telephone number, poligono number and a brief  summary of your issue. You will then be sent an application form, which you will be asked to complete. Once selected,  you will be notified of your time slot on the day and the location, where you will be met by a member of the CRA  committee and introduced to Gerardo. 

This is an offer which is likely to attract many takers, so please do not delay in replying. In any event, no initial email  responses will be accepted after close of play on Friday 19th November, for proper processing of applications.  Gerardo has indicated that if there is sufficient interest in this offer, it may be repeated in the New Year.  


19th November 2021 – Initial expressions of interest to be received 

w/c 22nd November 2021 – Application forms issued  

26th November 2021 – Application forms to be returned  

w/c 6th December 2021 – Successful Applicants notified and informed of time slot and venue. Final check with attendees to ensure appropriate documentation is available. 

11th December 2021 – Clinic takes place