Guidance to Access the Mazarron Ayuntamiento website and to vote for the proposals to improve Camposol
Voting will take place through the portal https://bit.ly/3ys25vF (proposals area) by registering with a username, email, password and the person’s ID.
In case of being previously registered in the portal, the person will only be asked to enter their DNI/NIE in order to vote.
Each user can vote for a maximum of 3 proposals. The chosen ones will be submitted to a second round to determine the winning idea.
This is a great opportunity to see some improvements on Camposol. Please take the time to register and vote. One thing is for sure and that is if you do not vote, we will not win.
If you need any help in registering or voting, please see the contact details on the following page to see where help is available. Please have your NIE number and access to your email when you call or visit one of the help desks.
Thank you for your support.
• Need help to register or vote. Please read on.
• Please take this opportunity to vote for improvements to Camposol! If you have a printer, it may be easier to print out this document before beginning the process. Please note that these instructions work on a PC or laptop, those using a phone or iPad may find they see different menus. This is because of the screen sizes. You may need to select the option from a dropdown menu.
• If you need any help in completing this, please either go to one of the help desks outside Cat’s and Tel’s bar on A sector between 10am and 2pm on Thursdays in October, in Cat’s bar between 1 and 3 on Tuesdays in October or Compusurf on B sector between 9am and 1pm on Mondays and Fridays in October.
• Finally, if all else fails WhatsApp or call 651628240 from a Spanish phone or +34 651 628 240 from a non-Spanish phone or send a message through the Facebook pages of “Camposol 2025” or “Camposol Free Community Sports”, where someone will be able to assist you over the phone or by visiting you if needed.
Step by step guide
• Open your Web browser on your mobile device or computer
• Enter or copy and paste the following address in the search bar: https://bit.ly/3ys25vF
• Click to go to the web page
• You will see this page, which will be in Spanish or English depending on your device and settings. Click on this link
• You will then see this page
• If you have an account enter your details and press the green button • If not press the blue “registarse” button

• If you are registering, you will now see this page
Enter a username of
your choice here
Enter your email
address here
Choose a password here
and write it down

Tick this box
Reenter your password here

Tick this box Finally press the green button 5
• You will now see this page
And in English
Thank you for registering in the
citizen participation portal of the
Mazarron City Council.
In the next few minutes, you will
receive an email with instructions to
activate your account to the email
address provided by you.
If you do not receive this email,
please check your spam folder
• Check your email and you will see this message
Press the green button
• This will take you to this web page
And in English When you are

ready to vote,
click this button 8
Thank you for verifying your email, your account is active and already you can start to participate in the different processes of the Mazarron Town Council

• You will now see this page. Yes, you have seen it before!
• This shows you the process you are looking for
Click the “PROPUESTAS” button 9
• This is the next page you will see; it is the voting page. Once you are happy with this, please scroll down to the projects on the following page
This shows you have 3 votes.
Each time you vote, this
number will reduce
• These are the ones we would like you to vote for, but it is your choice
This is for the
dog exercise area
If you are happy to vote for these,
please press either of these
This is for the
exercise area for
This is the next screen you will see. Once you have followed the instructions, you will be taken back to the voting page, where you can make another choice, hopefully one that will benefit Camposol
Type in your NIE number
here and then press the
green button
Step by Step Guide
• Hopefully, by the time you reach this page, you will have successfully completed your registration and voted for your choices of the project proposals.
• If for any reason, you have been unable to complete the process, you can always go back to the start, by visiting https://bit.ly/3ys25vF and going through the steps again. Always remember your username and password as this allows you to log in to see how many votes the proposals have received, it also means you can log in at any time to avail yourself of the other services offered by the town hall, such as making appointments.
• If you have friends or family who may be interested in these projects, please share this guide and ask them to vote for the Camposol projects.
• Thank you for your support. If you are on Facebook, you will be able to follow progress on the “D Community”, “Camposol 2025” or “Camposol Free Community Sports” pages.