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Emergency Numbers

EMERGENCY SERVICES CALL 112 - ASK FOR AN ENGLISH SPEAKER AND THEY WILL CONNECT YOU Other emergency phone numbers: FAST (Camposol only) - 968 970 626 - Call FAST

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Tiger mosquitoes are remaining active

Because of the gota fria and rains over the last months, Tiger mosquitoes are remaining active, the National Ministry of Health and Regional Health and Sanitation Department have issued

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Spanish Lessons – Update

WE HAVE CAPACITY FOR SOME MORE PUPILS ~If interested email:  info@camposolresidents.es  Cultural Centre, Camposol. Every Wednesday We have a beginners class starting at 10 a.m and finishing at 11

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Are you a member of the CRA?

During our most recent membership audit, it became apparent that some members were under the misapprehension that CRA Membership was by Household not by Individual. If you have more

Are you a member of the CRA?2019-11-16T12:58:24+00:00

CRA Update 13 November 2019

To members of the Residents Association and to Residents and Home Owners who are not members of the Association. The CRA has in its possession a copy of the Regional

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Postponement of start of Community of Owners D19

With reference to the investigation of the Defensor del Pueblo and the recent message of the CRA (Phil Gelling) regarding the legal aspects of the Statement on Deeds/Community of Owners,

Postponement of start of Community of Owners D192019-11-04T10:24:11+00:00

Statement on Deeds/Community of Owners

The members of the Camposol Residents Association Committee wish to inform their members that the news about our deeds having a statement to the  effect that we need to set

Statement on Deeds/Community of Owners2019-11-03T14:22:17+00:00

I am Ana!!!

In reply to a posting Who is Ana by John McCracken, that was considered libellous, and has now been removed. Who is Ana? I am Ana Belén Oñate García, Collegiate

I am Ana!!!2019-11-01T13:43:05+00:00

Camposol Councillor On Costa Calida Radio

Costa Calida Radio is organizing with Silvana Buxton, your Councillor for Camposol and International Relations, a regular chat called 'ASK YOUR COUNCILLOR', where Silvana will be happy to answer

Camposol Councillor On Costa Calida Radio2019-10-21T16:03:33+00:00

Driving in Spain – UK Govt. Update

The UK Government have just issued the following update. If you are resident in Spain, exchange your UK licence for a Spanish one. You can still use your Spanish licence

Driving in Spain – UK Govt. Update2019-10-12T16:02:29+00:00


DRONES It may have been noticed that the mosquito spraying cannon circulated around the urbanization on Friday 11th October. However, an interesting initiative has been approved by the Town



We have received a number of emails and calls from frustrated customers regarding the lack of residency appointments available in their area and rumours that appointments are being turned away.


Garden Waste & Fly Tipping

A message from your Councillor: GARDEN WASTE I was today informed that the regrettable excess of Garden Waste which seems to have accumulated since the gota fría, would be

Garden Waste & Fly Tipping2019-10-09T16:41:05+00:00

The Return of the Squatters

Some weeks ago homeowners on C15 were alarmed one Friday evening by the sound of squatters breaking into a vacant property with a jackhammer, Silvana the Councillor for Camposol was

The Return of the Squatters2019-10-05T15:43:56+00:00

Police on Camposol

#POLICIALOCALMAZARRON We start a new traffic and surveillance campaign in the Camposol and Country Club area. During the next few weeks, these urbanizations will be continuously serviced. We will

Police on Camposol2019-10-02T14:34:36+00:00
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