“Working Together for the Future of Camposol”

An Update from the Camposol Residents Association 8th June 2021

We have had a very busy time despite the lockdown because we are not happy with the lack of action on the problems and issues on Camposol. We have been holding meetings with any organisation or body of people who have the potential to help our cause or have similar issues. As a result we have now assembled a team of qualified people called the Camposol Review Team which you will hear more from them in the not too distant future. The team are also dealing with other Urbanisations.

On Thursday 3rd June, three representatives of the CRA, Phil Gelling, Gordon Cockburn and Colin Barton, had a productive meeting with the UK Ambassador to Spain and the British Consul, to highlight some of the major issues endured by the residents of Camposol. Subsequent to his visit to Camposol, the Ambassador met with dignitaries from Mazarron and Murcia. We took the Consular team on a whistle stop tour of the Urbanisations issues which included Upper C ‘s infrastructure issues, Sector D and the rambla area, the bridge between Sector C and Sector B, and the water issues on Sector B. We handed over a history of Camposols battles and woes to the Ambassador. We have subsequently been asked about what we think are the two or three main priorities for each authority.

For the record we are looking at the following list of issues and need to review priorities, we are happy to take input from the residents at info@camposolresidents.es:-

Rambla, latest option, impact on properties.

Road resurfacing, including pavements.

Street lighting, both public and private roads.

Bridge repairs on bridge between B and C

Construction of alternative route off Camposol.

Water infrastructure, specifically on B sector.

Compensation for property owners on Upper C and along Rambla Route.

24/7 police presence.

Confirmation that B.C.D. have been adopted in their entirety.

The legality of the villas built in the rambla which are on sector D

Abandoned properties also need to be considered as a matter of urgency because they encourage squatters and lower the tone of the neighbourhood and have been used as dens on occasions for burglars.

Abolishment of touristic status.

If you as a member have a view, about what direction you think the CRA should take going forward, we would like to hear it. Please send your comments to info@camposolresidents.es

Best wishes and stay safe,

Phil Gelling

CRA Chairperson.