Sinkhole by Bridge between Sector B and Sector C – 06/01/2022

The Camposol Residents Association, President Phil Gelling sent photographs and a complaint to the Confederation Hydrografica Del Segura in August 2021 followed by a further letter with photographs to the Town Hall in November 2021 showing the sinkhole that has been growing slowly on the carriageway approaching the bridge from Sector B.

A few days ago I received a response from the CHS and below is a translation of the 1st page

Report on existing on the left bank of the channel of the rambla del canal, in the urbanization of Camposol, in the municipality of Mazarron (Murcia)

  1. Phillip Gelling, with NIE. X4641696C, has submitted a letter communicating the existing sinkhole on the left bank of the Rambla del Canal, at the height of the bridge that connects sector B with sector C in the urbanization, in the municipality of Mazarron (Murcia), initiating the file OC-115/2021.

Once reviewed his writing and visited the place indicated in it, it is reported that the undermine is located in a paved street that crosses the channel. Therefore, it is indicated that the repair of said sinkhole is not the competence of this body, but of the administration that owns the infrastructure, or of its users in case of being private, being the competence of this confederation the processing of the corresponding authorization.>end

I have subsequently made our legal advisor aware of the response and he is proposing to arrange another meeting with Mazarron Town Council to discuss this matter as well as arranging for an independent technician to inspect the sinkhole and produce a report.

We in the CRA are dealing with other matters as well and we hope that we have the full support of the residents of Camposol to continue to progress issues with the authorities until we can sleep safely at night and move around the urbanisation without having to worry about hazards that may affect our  health and safety.

Looking forward to a happy and productive New Year.


Phillip Gelling