Minutes of Committee Meeting
Monday, 28 November 2022, 1.30pm
Sensol Golf Club
Present : P Gelling (PG) [Chairman] Gordon Cockburn (GC) [Vice Chairman]; Jayne Miller (CJM) [Secretary];
Colin Barton (CB) [Treasurer]; Wayne Blow (WB); Angela Skinner (AS)

1. Apologies for Absence
All present.

2. Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held 31 October 2022, having been circulated, there being no comment, were duly signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters Arising
There were no matters not covered by the agenda

4. Follow up from Round Table Meeting – 14 September
No further information.

Send a message of good wishes to Silvana particularly at Christmas but generally just thinking of you. CJM to action

5. Treasurer’s Report
Little change – no income since mid October.

Immediate small saving is to cease subscription to google cloud set up another email and then forward all emails to new account. GC will endeavour to send all archive to an address as archive then we can disable google account and recreate a new one.

End of November figures are cash in bank €1151, PayPal €166 and cash in hand €325.

There is outstanding €2100 invoice

6. Anonymous Subscribers
Still awaiting online banking in order to follow up unknown entries. Paperwork complete and signed.

7. Update on registration
All complete. PG to request a copy for the records.

8. Update on progress by C Team
No feedback on request for update €2.9 mill – follow up required by Pedro/Eduardo.

Gerardo has suggested calling a residents meeting to get a feel for what residents want. We should use the topic of a meeting of the Round Table. We have to ask Ayuntamiento to set up another Round Table meeting in accordance with option 4 of the September meeting.

We should encourage residents to use linea verde to complain about potholes, rubbish build-up, lighting etc.

9. Campaign for Voting Registration
There are some postings on the internet providing information about elections. We should seek better info from UK embassy. WB to publish info when possible.

WB and PG to meet next Monday. 11am

10. Website
Information up to date – presentation to be included has been circulated for comment.

11. Plans for the future
Message to go out as ‘Last Chance Saloon’. If residents do not support and pay a subscription in order that we can use our specialist advisers, then the CRA will have to fold Handful had paid for 2023 – obviously these may have to be reimbursed.

12. Any Other Business
Ext desks WB to put out two people

Ultimatum to be issued to the population : if no one comes to the desk therefore there is no weekly desk needed. We could consider just the first week of the month.