Today both Gerardo and I attended a meeting of the Round Table to discuss the issues surrounding the problems of the Rambla affecting the Camposol residents who are living in the Rambla basin. To our ultimate surprise all parties involved have agreed to reconsider option 4. This is now on the table instead of option 3. Option 4 was apparently first presented by the developer years ago and was taken up again by the PP party in 2019. Since then, there seems to be a lack of communication between the previous Town Hall administration and the current administration on this option, which is a pity, and the CRA calls all parties to cooperate on these issues for the benefit of the residents. The benefit of option 4 is that it does not involve the expropriation of houses, which the other options do involve, given that it runs outside the built areas.
Additionally, the good thing is that a project already exists for this option, which will now be analysed afresh. The technicians from the various administrations will now analyse the viability of option 4. For the Residents living in the rambla this could mean the threat of their properties being demolished being lifted but might still leave the question of legality of ownership to be considered as their properties are built on public land. We look forward to the next meeting when we expect further news on option 4. It’s important that the residents support our efforts to legalise these Properties and to avoid flood risks. Our legal team also needs our support in getting to the end game. There seems to be a serious intention on behalf of the Mazarron Town Hall to push towards a solution of this matter, as well as the other parties involved in the round table, and this is to be welcomed.
Phil Gelling