Exchanging your Residencia for a TIE

Documentation you need:  Passport and copy of the two pages together in the passport where your photo is and biometric details Only need padron if you have moved recently.

Exchanging your Residencia for a TIE2021-08-13T10:32:01+00:00

EU Vaccine Certificate validity 

There seems to be some confusion about the validity of the EU issued Vaccination Certificate when travelling to the UK, currently (21st July) although health authorities from both UK and EU

EU Vaccine Certificate validity 2021-07-23T15:10:19+00:00


Today 18th July 2021  Is history repeating itself on Camposol? I am reminded of a newsletter I sent out 6 years ago on behalf of the CRA. The content appears

NEWSLETTER 18th JULY 20212021-07-18T10:10:21+00:00
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