Today 18th July 2021 

Is history repeating itself on Camposol?

I am reminded of a newsletter I sent out 6 years ago on behalf of the CRA. The content appears at the end of this message. Please take the time to read it and even if you are a new owner on Camposol, I am sure you will see that the message is almost identical to that in this message.

What has changed?

Well, there has been a lot of hard work on the part of the CRA, and many individuals in that period. Despite this and our approaches to the Region, the Tourist Boards, The Prime Minister, The Senate, PSOE, The National Ombudsman and a Commission Report, the British Consulate, the Newspapers, lots of petitions, the T.V companies, what has changed?

For those of you that were here in 2016 please feel free to tell us and for the large number of you that weren’t, please read what we said in 2016 and let us know if you have seen any changes?

The collective message from the committee of CRA is that we need other homeowners to put their heads above the parapet and start to become involved in a practical way to end the years of misery that some residents have experienced. Success is achievable with numbers, and this is the main message of this newsletter.

We are gearing up for a different challenge with a professional team from Andalusia that includes lawyers, planners, and experts in successfully dealing with authorities that have failed residents on other urbanisations. They are joining us and advising us on how best to resolve the continuing injustices and the complacency of the local, regional and national authorities, who continue to ignore the plight of some of the property owners on Camposol. We need your help to make this work. There will be an awful lot of work for us to do in the coming months, and we cannot do it, without other homeowners stepping up to the mark and volunteering some time. The more volunteers we have, the more we can do and the burden on each individual will be reduced.

We have an action plan, and I am sure you will understand if we do not share the full details in this letter, as there are those amongst us that have a different agenda and will use any information we give, to our disadvantage. Just watch this space!

The CRA is a small group of people, mainly towards the latter stages of their stay on this planet and we need to galvanise more residents into taking the situation seriously as it will not get any better until you take the bull by the horns.

We need some new and young blood on the committee and we need ‘can do’ members.

We need some younger and more technically capable, as well as those with project management and fund-raising experience as well as those familiar with media engagements, including the use of online resources. We are ready to start filing complaints and ‘denuncias’ so we need your help and backing.

It’s no good simply complaining on Facebook. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that Facebook will not solve the issues of Camposol, so why not put your time to better use and come and join us. It is time to put your time into joining us to take affirmative action. Without your help, the urbanisation will continue to deteriorate and needed repairs will not be carried out.

If you would like an informal chat, please feel free to contact me or any of the committee members, using the following information:-


Phil Gelling

CRA Chairman.


Originally: – Sent Out – June 2015 – 6 years ago.

Dear CRA Member

Apologies for the lack of communications this past month whilst our attentions have been focussed on making as much progress as possible with ourto do list before the elections which took place recently. We have seen a lot of changes in personnel on the Camposol Residents Committee and quite a few changes in the Camposol urbanisation.

Due to lots of changes in the committee with resignations and bereavements. Redacted.

We are actively recruiting replacements and are looking to bring in more specialists and younger blood to the committee as we seek to live up to our responsibilities. We are looking for people regardless of nationality and in the age group from 21 upwards. We need people with IT experience, project management skills, specialist skills e.g. secretarial, finance, design, marketing, etc.  And with acan do attitude. If you think you can make things happen then send an email to ……………..

News from the Elections is that the PP gained 7 seats and will attempt to control the Town Council with a minority as they have not formed a coalition with any other party or parties, We shall attempt as usual to work with the party in power in order to progress our priorities.

Our priority list still includes street lighting with which we are having some success despite lights going on and off all over Camposol. The big lighting switch on is expected towards the end of July when Iberdrola and Orca will hopefully sign off all the changes.
Road repairs have been undertaken and completed in some areas but obviously this is a major task for Camposol. Most streets (calles) now have name plates although we still have a few missing.

We have still got major concerns about Upper ‘C’ and the conditions some people are living in; that is one of our major goals going forward. We have also taken on the responsibility for resolving the issues surrounding the building of the childrensplay area, the football pitch and the small games court. If you want to make a donation to the fund we have for these activities please send an email in the first instance to xxxxxxxxxxx and we will send you details of how you can make a donation.

We have been working behind the scenes with Murcia Transparente (MT) in securing information about possible corrupt activities and lack of oversight by Murcia Authority, Confederation Hydrografica and the Town Hall with regard to what MASA were doing on Camposol. In turn Murcia Transparente have been liaising with the British Consul and the European Commission. The next steps, having received 349 documents from the Confederation, is to pass that documentation to MT’s legal department. MT are also issuing a denuncia against both the Town Hall and Murcia Authority for their lack of co-operation in supplying us with information we requested 3 months ago. So interesting times ahead.

A last minute update MT are meeting with us this week to discuss court action and objectives. The British Consul is coming down to Camposol to meet with MT and the CRA on June 30th, 2015.

On the Social side the CRA held a well-received James Bond Casino night which was a tremendously successful PR exercise and brought in some additional funds. We are now entering
into a much larger event and that is a Medieval Market and Fiesta. This is projected to run over the weekend of August 28th, 29th and 30th. This is very much a family orientated event and not the usual beer and music fest. We also need lots of volunteers for a large variety of activities. More details can be obtained by contacting Sue Tinkler.

Well that’s about it for now.
Onwards and upwards.
Phil Gelling
CRA Chairman

So comparing both Newsletters and what changes have been seen in Camposol between 2016 and now are you satisfied that progress has been made.

If you’re not satisfied what do you propose to do about the situation?

We have taken on board an additional 5 helpers to complement us, and the team from Andalusia. We have increased our membership with a further 59 new members since April 2021 and we are continuing our recruitment drive so we can speak for Camposol as one voice. The team from Andalucía is a team of specialists including a Town Planner, a Legal Eagle including another Legal eagle and a former Regional Politician from Murcia and a Lady brandishing an MBE for successfully helping resolve problems for British residents in Andalucía. The team are also working with other urbanisations in Murcia and we propose to join that pressure group as it grows. So our team strength is now 14 talented people, working on behalf of Camposol residents.

We will most probably have to look for further financial support as these specialists don’t come cheap. We will endeavour to get additional funding either through fund raising activities and/or voluntary donations.

We will be working to get Camposol sorted once and for all. The problems are not going away they are just going to get worse if we just sit back and ignore them.

We need your support.

Phil Gelling

CRA Chairman.

CRA website is for latest updates and information. If not a member there is a join tab on the opening page.