Are you a member of the CRA?

During our most recent membership audit, it became apparent that some members were under the misapprehension that CRA Membership was by Household not by Individual. If you have more

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CRA Update 13 November 2019

To members of the Residents Association and to Residents and Home Owners who are not members of the Association. The CRA has in its possession a copy of the Regional

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Postponement of start of Community of Owners D19

With reference to the investigation of the Defensor del Pueblo and the recent message of the CRA (Phil Gelling) regarding the legal aspects of the Statement on Deeds/Community of Owners,

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Statement on Deeds/Community of Owners

The members of the Camposol Residents Association Committee wish to inform their members that the news about our deeds having a statement to the  effect that we need to set

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I am Ana!!!

In reply to a posting Who is Ana by John McCracken, that was considered libellous, and has now been removed. Who is Ana? I am Ana Belén Oñate García, Collegiate

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