The owner on D19 who submitted this information has since postponed the start up of a Community Of Owners – see this more recent post>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

In the interests of spreading information we publish here a positive approach which was sent in to us.  Some people are waiting until they hear the result of Linda Biggs’ approach to the Ombudsman before deciding what to do.

You can also read our latest statement here>>>>>>>>>>>>

In this case Reijer used Ana Belén Oñate García, Collegiate Lawyer, who works at Fenicios in the Port – with D19 they now administer three poligonos on Camposol and Ana was at Silvana’s recent meeting in Marianos – she was invited because of her experience in this area – but of course there are other Professional Administrators – we list them at the end of Reijer’s account.

From: Reijer Band (D19)

With increasing astonishment I have read the comments (on Facebook). What strikes me is that these are generally very negative about starting a Community of Owners. Continually looking back to the past and the designation of the culprits who are responsible for completion of the urbanization has no use at all.

This has been going on for more than 15!! years now and this has led to nothing and will never lead to anything.
If you think the urbanization will still be completed without our own contribution (Community of Owners), then you can wait a long time. That’s never going to happen.

In Holland we call this: A chicken/egg story. We must be glad that Silvana has explained to us what the situation is and how we can ensure that something really happens. We have all signed an Escritura stating that we are a part of a horizontal property and are jointly responsible for maintaining it. Of course we ( in fact Masa) should have done this many years ago, because this has nothing to do with shift responsibility of the Municipality. They are only responsible for the public roads.

(By the way: Every urbanization in Spain is horizontal property with a Community of Owners and Camposol is no exception). We can sit back, but then nothing really happens. Realise that for a relatively small annual contribution to a Community of Owners the following things can be realized (of course in mutual consultation):

– Streetlighting
– Asphalted roads
– Insurance (covers, for, example, a broken sewer, etc.)
– Maintenance of your section.

The annual contribution must be paid into a bank account in the name of the Community. And the Community decides on which the money will be spent. So it does not go to the Municipality. For 2020 Camposol has been promised an “own” budget of approximately €300.000,00 of which, for example, the street lighting can be connected on the public roads.

So now action is finally also coming from the Municipality. In any case a “new” and hopeful start.

At least I have taken the initiative to start a Community of Owners in my section and I sincerely hope that others follow my example. Then we could perhaps join forces to get things done.

Step by step together we can make Camposol a beautiful place to live.


(When Ana Oñate has all the adresses of the houseowners, she will inform them and invite them for a first meeting, probably in December. Then there will be elected a President, etc.)


There are 5 Administradores de Fincas listed in the Amarillos Paginas (Yellow Pages), AF Fenicios already administrate 2 poligonos on Camposol and are now triggering D19. here’s the details of all:-

AF FENICIOS, Plaza del Tono, N.°: 2, ENTRESUELO, Edificio UNO, 30860 Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia Tel: 968 15 39 55 email:

Geseco Consultores, C/San Carlos, 1 Edificio San Carlos, bajo 30870 Mazarrón Murcia. Tel: 968 590 826 email:

Agi Tm5, Paseo Rihuete, 115, Edificio Cleopatra 30860 Puerto de Mazarrón, Mazarrón Murcia. Tel: 968 59 56 45 email:

A. ROJO, Mtro. Eugenio Calderón, 13° A30870 Mazarrón Murcia. Tel: 622 30 33 30,email:

GRUPO OCIO DEL SURESTE S.L. Hernán Cortés, 20 BAJO (CAFE PORTOBELLO) 30860 Puerto de Mazarrón, Mazarrón, Murcia. Tel: 968 155 978 email: not listed.