In reply to a posting Who is Ana by John McCracken, that was considered libellous, and has now been removed.

Who is Ana?

I am Ana Belén Oñate García, Collegiate Lawyer from the University of Law of Murcia class of 1999-2001, with the experience that the exercise of my profession has given me and despite having no interest in offering an apology for my professional career, I wish to clarify several points in relation to my attendance at the meeting held in Camposol on October 19, 2019:

My knowledge of the real situation of Camposol comes as a result of that for two years I have been taking legal action for plots of Camposol and have known first hand part of the existing problem. One of those plots constituted a Community to solve the problems they had with the continuous breaks of water pipes that were not repaired by Aqualia and also later they were passed on individual bills. Following the establishment of the Community, the rest of the problems that existed in the common areas could be solved (they had no lights on the private streets and had suffered a theft of the streetlight wiring).

Virtually the same problems arose in another plot, so in response to the legal and real situation of that particular plot, I advised them to legalize their Community. Obviously, the constitution of the Community implies economic obligations for the owners since they have to pay for the services they put into operation. Therefore it is something that the owners must consider and decide, because they can always choose to wait for a solution to be adopted by the Town Council or the justice system, taking into account that the legalization of the Community does not solve all or the varied problems of Camposol. A few weeks before the meeting (19th Oct) and unaware that it was going to be held, some owners from Camposol requested an appointment to clarify, to my knowledge, the legal situation of Camposol.

A few days later they asked me to attend the meeting that was scheduled, in case any neighbour wanted to ask me any questions about the situation on Camposol. I could have politely excused myself and not attended the meeting, but Camposol has a variety of legal problems that are quite interesting for a lawyer from a professional point of view.

I would like to clarify that I am not linked to the Town Council, I do not charge the Town Hall fees or wish to charge them since I am proud to be a liberal professional and not to depend on anyone, much less a public entity. I made this decision many years ago and I do not wish to interfere in politics because it is an issue that has never interested me. That said, it is clear that any direct management provided for the owners of Camposol, will be detailed in accordance with the rules of fees of the Murcia Bar Association, just like other fellow professionals would charge for their work, but no one to date has paid me anything so I want to make it clear that I have not charged nor will I charge for my attendance at the meeting.

I want to insist that there is no single solution for all the problems that Camposol owners suffer, since each plot has its own complex problem, but I sincerely believe that it is not an irreversible situation and that is why I lent myself to attend the meeting. Undoubtedly the neighbours must continue to mobilize and demand their rights not only from the Town Council but to any person or public entity that has contributed to the current situation.

To conclude, I only want to communicate that I will not hesitate to exercise my rights and actions before of any person who continues to mislead about my person or my profession, undermining the truth, dignity or own image that guarantees our Spanish Constitution. Personally, I thank you for allowing me to attend the last meeting and I encourage you to continue with your demands and mobilizations until you get the solutions you deserve.