Chairman, Phil Gelling (PG)
Gordon Cockburn (GC): Derek Gormley (DG); Rob Humphreys (RH); John McCracken (JM);
Jayne Miller (CJM); Dave Redford (DR); David Shackleford (DS)

Apologies for Absence. : Colin Barton; Dave Redford

1. Minutes of the Meeting held 19 August 2019, were accepted as read, without objection.

Matters Arising

None arising not covered by the agenda.

2. Crisis Team
PG outlined the background as there had been some ‘confused’ messages. He had been
approached with a suggestion to form a ‘Crisis’ group in conjunction with Helping Hands,
with the aim of assisting people in need of aid, such as for example, with free labour to
undertake small tasks for the destitute or deeply disabled within the community. John
Mansell made the approach for assistance of this type and felt there could well be a wider
need for a small independent organisation, perhaps to be supported by CRA. PG has
seen many appalling situations, particular in cases where a single person has no family or
friends around to assist in times of failing health. FAST responders see many cases of this
nature and do have a representative who follows up on calls and could make a
recommendation for those in need of help, to fill a gap. Notably the gardening groups
could undertake small jobs for the infirm. On 20 September PG and John will meet to
hopefully set up with people to assist – FAST could certainly nominate people needing
assistance. This type of scheme was attempted some years ago with a great deal of
success but here is an opportunity for CRA to get recognition for wider assistance within
the community.

GC commented that John Mansell had done a lot of marketing in this area, he had
recruited other builders who could be included in the scheme but although some may do
a good job GC is not convinced of the reliability of all, since some may not be entirely
altruistic. He recommended there should be some measure regarding means testing or
vetting people needing help.
PG provided some examples of folk without family or friendly assistance where help was

DS – suggested this sort of thing should be covered by social service. Suggest that a sum
of the funds be set aside to offer for simple assistance.
JM concerned that this could exhaust the CRA funds depending on how much it is
decided to support. He also expressed concern that the Constitution at this time would
not cover such an organisation.
PG concurred that those who would not be a burden should first be identified. He
commented that the project is just exploratory at the moment. Criteria would need to be
determined as to how a ‘crisis need’ is determined.
There is a suggestion to set up as a charity for which funds may be available from
Mazarrón Town Hall.
Finally all were in favour of PG working with John Mansell on the project.

3. Membership Questionnaire
By way of explanation, PG advised that attempts were being made to limit information on
membership database, also by identifying what details are required from the membership to be
useful. 763 members – 654 subscribers which at one time had received a newsletter. However,
currently updates are published in Costa Cálida Chronicle which also encourages people to read
the website and noticeboard at Consum.

Following discussion decided to pare the list from time to time with numbers or email addresses
which seemed out of date. Seems as though we have sufficient routes communication. There is a
Facebook page which will permit CRA a route to post on other ‘pages’.
PG to investigate all routes of such communications.

4. Legal Position
An appeal has been lodged but no official response received. Need to meet with group and we
need more information from Silvana. The enquiry needs to be sent again and a written response
requested. PG to follow up. All previous records need to be collected and maintained as CRA
records and all subscribers should be informed. Case knocked back before reaching Court and
may now be outside stature of limitations.
PG will again follow up with Silvana or Luis.

5. Future Initiatives
No projects yet in place – currently the requirement is to pool ideas and to pull together all
business interests to invest in Camposol in order to develop sports and recreational facilities in
Original plans for Camposol included such areas and these plans should be pursued – follow up
with enquiry as to costs and maybe CRA to contribute. Before Mazarrón can take over some of
the element of Camposol we need definitive position on plans originally set out for Camposol.
DS will follow up with Mazarrón, to define the projects omitted. Confirmation is required on
which projects that they are going to do or not in conjunction with original plans.

GC requested an agenda prior to the new meeting with Mazarrón mayor.
JM commented that CRA are taking part in the round table – consortium – initiative. PG suggested
capacity within the Consortium for representatives from all Camposol groups, not just the
gardeners. It was envisaged that it would probably not be set up prior to November
Camposol setting up meeting by Silvana setting up a meeting and it was suggested areas for
discussion should include:

Find out what Mazarrón prepared to do in relation to original plans
What initiatives CRA could suggest
Alongside ‘groups’, are any Camposol businesses interested in being included
DS prepared to undertake

6. Assets
PG is making arrangements to collect the filing cabinet from cultural centre to lodge at his home
in the hopes that there will be historical documentation available. There have been so many
changes of committee and chair., PG wishes to try and collect together as much background from
over the years as he can, depending on the information available.

7. Archived Data
Constitution has been changed at least twice since inception – last being 2014. Details are
required to maintain historical records. Hopefully this information will be found within the filing

8. Meeting with Accountant
To be arranged – to change names and check official requirements. DS needs to merely make
sure records of funds are correct and then present to Tina.

9. Spanish Classes
Meeting arranged with Pilar for 4pm after Committee meeting. Records of attendees at previous
sessions are not available. Silvana did have a register but included few contact details. Therefore
we are ready to start afresh – Silvana had been paid previously and the question now is – should
Pilar should be paid and how much? There should be an income generated from class fees. The
Committee need to understand how she proposes to run the class – which will also depend upon
GC suggested we pinpoint our own requirements and what we want to pay.

10. Results of last Mayoral Meeting
DS reported nothing contentious Further details were required regarding the Consortium, arising
from which is the requirement to know more about funding available. Silvana acts as translator
between parties but would prefer our own translator – JM prepared to monitor accordingly.
Meetings will be Tuesdays, which JM could attend. PG to check dates.

11. Any Other Business
JM enquired regarding representation of gardening groups – there should be an item on the
agenda to specify group requirements and enquiries.
Complaint from C regarding UK visitors using vehicles not registered in Spain – are the Police or
Guardia able to take action against these people.
Silvana has been reporting vehicles abandoned in Camposol.
Nothing from D – only concerned about duplication of work between the groups and suggested it
may be appropriate to arrange a meeting of Gardening Groups. There had been discussions
surrounding road markings and speed bumps. Police are responsible for doing markings – some
had been done after a recent accident. Speed guns had been suggested by C but having been
done in the past, the quantity of culprits had been found to be far too great to follow up correctly.
DS requested authority to pay out of CRA Funds, for refreshments at the committee meetings.
No objection
DS confirmed his availability to undertake all accountancy requirements and expects annual audit.
DG concerned at the quantity of emails and suggested using WhatsApp more.

Date of the next meeting – 2pm, 21 October at the Golf Club
Meeting closed at 15.47
Please note – the Golf Club room was already booked for 21
October, therefore the date of the next meeting is :
Monday, 14 October 2019, 2pm at the Golf Club