To members of the Residents Association and to Residents and Home Owners who are not members of the Association.

The CRA has in its possession a copy of the Regional Assembly of Murcia Report on Camposol which we will be posting on the CRA website in the next few days. We also have in our possession a copy of the Agreement for the creation of a Work Table (Round Table) which will include representatives of Municipal Political Groups which form part of the Mazarron Town Hall Corporation, as well as representatives of the Autonomous Community of the Region Of Murcia, the Hydrogrographic Confederation of the Segura river and the Camposol Residents Association (CRA).

We will also be posting a further document which talks about what this Work Table will be doing, and how it arrived at 24 conclusions and 6 proposals.This document was produced as a result of the work that the Residents Association did in taking the residents case to the Regional assembly.

Further to the above documents we have started the process of talking with lawyers well versed in CoO’s and the law and also what we can and cannot do as regards our member’s rights and the Town Hall’s obligations to the Urbanisation.

We are also looking forward to an update from Linda Biggs and her talks with the Official Ombudsman.

For those new to Camposol and some of its issues the CRA wants the Infrastructure completed before any other solution is put in place and that includes either an Entity or Community of Owners which we are in discussions with legal representation and if we have to we will consider visiting other authorities that can overrule what is currently being suggested.

Phil Gelling