The Committee members of the Camposol Residents Association wish to inform the membership that the news about our deeds having a statement to the effect that we need to set up a variety of community of owners by poligono is not workable now, or in the future, without the backing of the residents and the urbanisation being completed to a satisfactory standard by the Town Hall and other bodies responsible for supervising the build of Camposol.

We have been and are still looking into all the legal aspects of such a move of setting up Communities of Owners which can be simple where there are no real issues on or around a poligono, but where issues exist it can become a nightmare for residents especially when there are problems with lighting and unfinished roads. The costs and works needed to complete could set neighbour against neighbour and lead to the need for court judgements.

Our message to the Town Hall is that they have a responsibility to complete the urbanisation as part of their original commitments and supported by the advice we have received to date from several sources including the Garrigues Report, the Murcia Regional Commission and a couple of lawyers we have spoken to, e.g. this from Perez de Vargas lawyers:

All urbanization works are under the supervision of the Town Hall. The Town Hall usually act through agents—”juntas de compensación”, “agentes urbanizadores”, “entidades de conservación” —but it is the Administration that is responsible.
It is a Town Hall decision to allow works of urbanization without the necessary report of another competent Administration (“Confederación Hidrográfica”)“.

One of the proposals from the region was to set up a Round Table to which the CRA has committed itself but as yet we have seen no movement from the Town Hall in arranging such a gathering.

However, a meeting has been scheduled with the Town Hall for March 12th to which the CRA has been invited with only one item on the agenda CoO’s. Because of all the other outstanding issues and the need to fully engage with a legal body versed in these issues we will not be attending this meeting on the 12th March 2020.

We shall also be balloting our membership in the near future as to what they propose we do to address the situation we find ourselves in.

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Phil Gelling

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