Mazarron is the first municipality to adapt drones to measure body temperatures from distance so these disregarding the lockdown could have to explain why they have a temperature and are not where they should be, 600€ is an expensive fine.

Mazarrón will use drones to measure body temperature

The Town Council considers, after adapting the camera, that this system may be key to tackling the epidemic

The Mazarrón Town Council has become the first public institution in the Region to use drones in the fight against the coronavirus, having adapted the thermal camera to take body temperature. The Council considers that “this achievement may be key to halting the advance of the epidemic.”

Mazarrón successfully tested the system to take temperature using a drone

It has a speaker that broadcasts confinement messages to neighbours, both in Spanish and English

Civil Protection of the Mazarrón City Council has successfully tested a drone with a thermal camera that takes the temperature of the people it detects on the street during the confinement decreed by the Government in the state of emergency to stop the expansion of Covid-19, municipal sources reported.

The drone, which has a loudspeaker, has broadcast confinement messages to neighbours, both in Spanish and English, being one of the municipalities in the region to use this tool.

Mazarron Council was integrated into a national experimental program to manage to take human temperature through these devices, after Approcess, the leading technology 4.0 entity of the multinational DJI.

The Department of Civil Protection and SEM then carried out the calibration procedure of the thermal camera of the service drone, in order to take the body temperature of people experimentally, a procedure that had been tested in China and that until At that time no one had been able to get it done in Spain.

The test was a “success”, according to the council, sending the report of the calibration process to the company Approcess, being the first in Spain to carry out this achievement.

The information has been reported to other public entities participating in the project to fight Covid-19 through the use of drones, so that other units can use the thermal camera to take temperatures in the population to stop the epidemic.