This update is from the Town Hall – CRA are simply helping to spread the message for our members

The residents of Camposol continue to witness a slow but continuous improvement to the provision of basic services, such as street lighting and road repairs. Regrettably, the negative outcome of this, is that for many residents things are not happening fast enough, and they cannot understand why people on the main roads have street lights, whilst residents living in the narrow and dark side streets are subject to the threat of vandalism and burglaries more likely to happen there than in brightly lit areas. On the absence of light in some areas, a visit will be held in September to study lighting deficiencies and a subsequent meeting with the neighbors to explain the specific situations that occur in some sectors, since sometimes they are private areas and others in which the service has not been provided duly since the origins of the urbanization, stated the Council.

The provision of street lighting in Camposol (or lack of it), has a long and complex story, and in spite of the incredible efforts made by the electrician, many roads cannot, as yet, benefit from immediate repair to their street lights. The problem is being addressed and the affected residents’ patience is greatly appreciated.

Progress is also evident on the much needed police presence around the urbanization. In spite of three attempted burglaries in sector D in the last few days, other instances have produced positive results, and the message is going out to the criminal community that Camposol is no longer a criminal or a squatter’s paradise! The Police fast response on several occasions has been praised by many residents, and their presence is greatly appreciated.

If faced with a criminal activity, residents are advised to call 112, which is a multi-lingual call-centre; the call is automatically passed to the nearest Unit (Police, Guardia Civil, Ambulance, Fire Brigade etc) for the fastest response possible.

However, if residents notice at a later date that a crime has been committed, it is imperative that they go with an interpreter (if needed) to the Guardia Civil in the Puerto, taking with them their passport and NIE document, and take out a ‘denuncia’ (crime report). The Officer will complete the report which will reflect the information provided, and a copy will be given to the complainant.

The importance of reporting any crime is imperative as Police and Guardia Civil Officers, as well as Patrol routes are calculated, as with any policing, in accordance and in response to reported crime. It is impossible for the Chiefs of Police and Guardia Civil to go to their superiors asking for more manpower if there is no extra crime being committed and the only way the true figure can be known is if offences are reported to the proper authorities. It is of little use telling a neighbour or friend, the crime needs to be officially logged so that policing numbers and deployment can accurately reflect where and how much police presence is required.

On a more cheerful note, on Saturday 17th August the Councillor for Camposol and International Relations had the privilege of meeting the Consul for Ecuador and his team, during their visit in Mazarrón. Meetings with the Consulate officers of the other foreign communities in the Municipality are planned for the future.

The Mayor, Gaspar Miras, is having regular meetings with the Councillor for Camposol and International Relations, and he is working on several other issues which concern Camposol. YES, Camposol will be the beautiful home in the sun that dreamed by its residents.