The Officer for Environmental Services confirmed on Monday 19th August 2019 that he and his team have been involved in the underground disinfestation process against cockroaches throughout the whole Urbanization of Camposol. Having completed Sectors A and B, the team is now moving to Sectors C and D.

However, the team encountered a serious problem with regards to a number of manhole covers being cemented-in, thus preventing the team from lifting them in order to deal with the disinfestation of cockroaches around the underground pipes etc.

Such manhole covers have been marked with A GREEN DOT, and Aqualia have been instructed to identify these manhole covers by the green dot, and free-them-up, in order to allow the environmental team to continue with their disinfestation work.

It seems that, when a similar incident happened last year, a rumour was circulated that the green dots were painted by burglars targeting properties in order to carry out their burglaries, and residents were seen rubbing off the green dots on the manhole covers.

This was an idiotic rumour circulated by misinformed individuals, and this notice is addressed to residents who may see a green dot painted on the manhole cover near their home.