Meeting with Gaspar Miras Lorente, Silvana Buxton and the Camposol Residents Association.

Meeting held Tuesday 20th August 2019.

Subjects discussed included Lighting, Rambla Issue, Street Sweeping, Road Repairs, Available land, Funding from Council Sources, Roundtable, Budget Considerations, Junta Vecinal.

Lighting and potholes repairs…… The Mayor replied that he intends to visit Camposol at night to evaluate the situation.

We discussed the provision of a regular ‘street sweeper’ and Gaspar made immediate enquiries. We now have a Sweeper machine in Camposol, but there is no fixed contract in place at present.

The 4th Rambla option that was discussed prior to the elections was unknown to Gaspar and the current Council has no details of this option.

We went onto budgets and it was intimated that a proposal would be put forward for consideration, for Camposol to receive a budget of approx. 300,000-400,000 euros for the year 2020 which will only really cover small projects. There is however a proposal…..  To have a Round-table Consortium which will be proposed at the Council Pleno on 27/8/2019, and if approved, it will include representatives from the Town Hall, the Region, the CHS and the CRA.

We also sought information about matched funding for CRA projects but this is not possible. There is, however, a budget available for projects put forward by Associations legally registered with the Regional Dept for Voluntary Associations, and with the Town Hall. A detailed written study of the project inclusive of costing must be presented to the Town Hall within the established time-frame for consideration. 

There was nothing conclusive gained from the discussions on the Junta Vecinal. Meanwhile, Camposol residents continue to witness a slow but continuous improvement in the provision of basic services, such as street lighting and road repair for which we thanked Gaspar.

Phil Gelling

Chairman of the Camposol Residents Association.