Agenda for Committee Meeting Monday, 11 October 2021, 3.30pm Camposol Social Centre, Sector B

Present :

Phil Gelling [Chairman] (PG); Jayne Miller [Secretary] (CJM); Colin Barton [Treasurer] (CB); Gordon Cockburn (GC); Tracey Comper (TC): Alan Fleming (AF);   Nigel Jones (NJ); Alison Lister (AL)

1. Apologies for Absence

Carol Francis; Steve Reynolds;

2.Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of Committee Meeting held Monday, 20 September 2021, were approved as circulated, proposed GC; seconded NJ; and signed by the Chairman

3.Matters Arising

Nothing arising not covered by the agenda

4.Treasurer’s Report

CB reported the only expenditure since last meeting as €145.20 in respect of invoice from Maura Hillen; Bank charge of #3.95 and payment to Google of €5.20. This leaves balances of €9070.44 at the bank, €63.30 in the PayPal account and €265.73, cash in hand.

All were in favour of dispensing with the Google account, at least for the time being – CB to cancel

5.Report from Membership Secretary

GC reported number standing at 1345 with no movement in a couple of weeks. PG reminded all that a membership list cannot to be made available to anyone because of Data Protection rules.

6.Registration of the Association

Despite some comments to the contrary,. PG is clearly under the impression that he is correctly named as President. On Wednesday he will visit Vera and meet Maura to finalise several matters and will also enquire about registration, including detailing changes to the Committee. He will be giving PoA as President to Eduardo and will ask whether it’s personal or as a representative of CRA. PG to continue dealing with paperwork


PG has links and information from Laurence. There has been added an extra resource which will show when a sent email is opened. He is still amassing paperwork but in the meantime PG will upload AF’s proposed newsletter

8.Progress of C Team

Meeting to be held in Mariano’s on Thursday with PP representative to show around Camposol, meeting to be led by Gerardo to take the lead and represent CRA as a Spanish speaker. One element is the need for names of the representatives of the various parties, to ensure the Round Table meetings are pursued. All advice is that it is clear that Mazarrón have responsibility to finish Camposol.

AF suggested establish an agenda or request one. In general it is a case of awaiting the outcome of the meeting on Thursday.

9.Report of Forwards Group

NJ had earlier circulated various notes and minutes, which are not attached to these minutes but which can be made available.

The Group had suggested Camposol 2025 was a better description of the sub-committee, clearly identifying its purpose in projecting activities over the next four years.

They had clearly identified the most important aspect of the Group was to ensure raising and promoting the profile of CRA in the Community. This to be achieved by editorial messages and advertising across all media. Dave Jackson has prepared information to generate a Facebook page. Costa Cálida are prepared to promote whenever possible, including an entry in their Business Directory and AF has prepared an article for inclusion in the next Costa Cálida Chronicle.

The Group have had many meetings including with Silvana and the B Business Sector Group. Overall they are dismayed to find a lot of animosity toward the CRA. In view of the average age of many veering toward the elderly, the Group are keen to target a younger audience.

A weekly ‘Help’ desk will be manned to address residents’ issues – location to vary week to week in order to address different audiences.

Functions are planned for through the year, many to be undertaken in conjunction with other Groups on Camposol in order that, again, a wider audience is attracted. It was also hoped residents from local towns and neighbouring urbanisations could be attracted to these functions.

Fees for membership had been frequently discussed. These would particularly be needed to meet the costs of C Team. Suggestions as to start date and naming the subscription (not just fees) were to be given thought, also the objective to reduce the charge for over 65 and hopefully arrange for discounts, not only on functions, but also with some stores and services. It was suggested to enquire of Debbie Shaw how this had functioned previously.

As a first project to raise the profile, provision/improvement of bin areas was proposed. The first on Sector D, then perhaps behind the hotel on C. Apparently there are areas ‘Espacio Libre’ which are under utilised and could therefore be used for these improvements. Silvana is arranging an introduction to the responsible person for bin collections. There will be costs involved – concrete, blocks, labour, etc. So far D Gardening Group are assisting but funding will be required and/or support of local contractors.

It had been suggested that DropBox be used to lodge documents. NJ organising relevant folders.


Carried forward.


Generally discussed under proposals from the Camposol 2025 Group

12.Reports from the Gardening Groups

Carried forward

13.Any Other Business

It was noted that the long awaited football pitch had been opened and was already in use.

CJM mentioned the deplorable service from the Camposol Health Centre. A denucia had been lodged with the Mazarrón Health Centre and suggested that if many more residents registered the same complaint, a better service may result.

Meeting Closed at 17.05

Date of next meetings : 8 November

22 November