Other emergency phone numbers:

FAST (Camposol only) – 968 970 626 – Call FAST after you have called 112 for an ambulance
Fire Brigade (Mazarron) 968 590 200
Guardia Civil (Mazarron) 968 590 005
Guardia Civil (Pto Mazarron) 968 594 103
Local Police (Mazarron) 968 591 496
Local Police (Puerto de Mazarron) 968418181
Coastguard Sea Rescue 900 202 202 Cartagena: 968 529 594 Cartagena Port Control Room 968325801
Samaritans Spain Freephone 900 525 100 – 24hr
Medical Centre Mazarron 968 590 411
Medical Centre Pto Mazarron 968 595 342/968 154 202
Medical Centre Camposol – 968 131 695/968 228 250

Noahs Rescue/Emergency: 603206363 and 603199072
Andreas Animal rescue 690 90 65 65


Fiona Harvey 663 71 65 65
Debbie Shaw 677 353136
Alex Woods – Please call me anytime night or day on 696667182. If you ring me and get through to an answer machine, then please leave a message and I will ring you back right away. I also have Whatsapp.

All are Translators/Interpreters English/Spanish but any other languages are mentioned in the listing.
Tina Maillis
Spends most of her time at Santa Lucia and has good working relationship with staff there. Highly recommended t4lingua. translation company. Tel 666329635
Jane Martin
I am a translator and spend lots of my time at Santa Lucia hospital and also doctors around the area. My telephone number is 667059266 which you can call anytime. Experience translating for psychological problems and disorders.
Ines Garcia Perez
She lives in Cartagena so meets you there, or anywhere in the area for other appointments. Very nice, very helpful. She worked in a solicitors for 24 years, so can help with all queries. Her name is Ines Garcia Perez Tel: 655 632 514 email: inesgap8@gmail.com.
Roisin Maire StephensonI´m a translator. I´m often in the Santa Lucia hospital and I am quite happy to give people lifts or pop up to the wards to see people who are poorly. I do this sort of thing for Mabs Murcia.
Tel: 620 66 94 62
Lucía Gonzalez
Highly recommended. Lucía can help patients who need an English-Spanish translator in hospital. She lives in Cartagena. She also has experience with psychology and psychiatry translation. Lucia also speaks speak Dutch and German. Lucia is Spanish and knows exactly how things work in Spain with the doctors, hospital or authorities.
Tel: 699 450 185 or 649 310 313
If you can’t reach Lucia immediately leave a message and she will get in touch as soon as possible.
Tony Jones
Tel: 663308591
Didier Boutte
Officially registered interpreter, specialized in medical issues. He has been working in this area for over 8 years now and has a good knowledge of the Murcian Health Services and most of the medical staff in hospital and medical centres. He has been translating for MABS for many years now and can give more references if required. Lives close to Cartagena and happy to give people lifts.
Tel: 654 332 214 or contact by WhatsApp, Facebook or Viber
Isabel De Esteban EscobarIsabel has over 15 years experience and is a native Spanish speaker fully qualified in English/Spanish studies
Tel 659 909 852 or email: translatorisabel@gmail.com
Isabel also runs a Spanish/English Language School in Mazarron for small groups of 4-8 people – contact her for more information.
Alex Woods
TRANSLATION SERVICE: I am also a 24 hour translator. I have been established in the Murcia region for over 15 years and am fluent in Spanish. I offer translations at hospitals, Guardia Civil and any other place you may need to take a translator.
Please call me anytime night or day on 696667182. If you ring me and get through to an answer machine, then please leave a message and I will ring you back right away. I also have Whatsapp.
I am fully legal.
Angela Interpreter
Tel 679 695 032. Lived in Spain for years. University educated, experienced and discreet. Speaks a number of languages. Can take clients in her car.
Fiona Green Telephone 649 811 469
Translating for hospitals/police and courts for 34 years, brought up and educated in Spain. I cover Cartagena mostly, I am based in Mazarron area, but if a patient gets sent to Murcia or Lorca I go where needed. Also cover Med centres/Notaries/Police in Mazarrón/Puerto areas.
Rebe Iglesias
I’m Spanish and I live in Camposol. I’m currently studying nursing with Oxford Brookes. If any of the people of Camposol or the Santa Lucia Hospital ever gets “stuck” for a translator please give them my details to contact me. I know that not everyone in the area is well off. I will translate for them free of charge. The only thing is that I don’t drive so they will need to take me with them.
WhatsApp 00447859871872