Present : Chairman, Phil Gelling (PG)
Gordon Cockburn (GC); Rob Humphreys (RH); John McCracken (JM); Jayne Miller (CJM); Dave Redford
(DR); David Shackleford (DS)

1. Apologies for Absence :
Received from Colin Barton and Dave Redford

2. Minutes of the Meeting held 11 November 2019 were accepted and duly signed.
3. Matters Arising
None arising not covered by the agenda.

4. Roads and General Police Attendance

It seemed that the Police presence was not quite so frequent as previously, however they had attended an
accident on 9 December – notably dealing with blockage to the entrance to Consum.

5. Communities of Owners
PG has been in touch with a lady having knowledge of the CoO at Fortuna. He had posed several
questions and received responses. He was primarily interested to learn who had set up the CoO and how.
Unfortunately this had been done prior to her occupation but she understood that originally there had been
a single CoO for all the area but following the appointment of an administrator it had been split into four.
Particularly in view of the increased costs, the areas had been reunited and were now self-managed. Paying
for swimming pool, lighting etc – more similar to entity. She predicted it could be many years before all
details in an area such as Camposol could be completed.

JM cited documents detailing ‘common hold’ in respect of the Horizontal Property Act. Discussion ranged
over the ownership of the various polygonos and adjacent land. It was noted that the rambla land on D is
still owned by CHS despite individual deeds of ownership affecting some 500 properties. Camposol was
commenced in 1993, Masa having bought the land from local farmers, on basis there had been an intention
to create a military installation – farmers preferring the urban development to military.

Private estates, which include facilities, are relevant to the Horizontal Property Act. Owners should insist
that there is no commonly held property therefore there is no need for a CoO.

Another approach could be to suggest to the TH, that they repay all monies paid to date for IBI etc and
Camposol could finish the works. Some of the figures were discussed, highlighting the 25% increase in
population of Mazarrón, equating to an equivalent 25% increase in funds from EU, central and regional
bodies, which could come back to Camposol.

In view of the huge numbers of polygonos, query should be raised as to the way in which they were
defined, particularly as for example the differences between C701, C702, or C1, C2 etc. Or could ‘Sector C’
be taken as a whole? The administration costs for 200 plus CoO would be very lucrative.
CJM to send out the list of public/private roads.

6. Membership
Currently 828 members. GC had received a note on Mail Chimp, advising that the usage had been
exceeded. Concern was expressed there was a discrepancy between the Mail Chimp list and actual
membership. Hopefully this did not indicate that some members were not receiving notifications. RH to
check the situation.

PG has found a quantity of completed membership forms which did not appear to have been actioned. He
would pass to GC for action

7. Future Initiatives
Draft document prepared and circulated by JM who requests input to the Resumé and Questions for the
solicitors. Suggested that GC, CJM, PG and JM review and edit – all to advise JM of codes for their access
to an online document.

8. Spanish Classes
There had been a problem a couple of weeks ago when Lynn was unable to reach Camposol – otherwise
mostly going well. DS summarised that of the three weeks, the first week had been free, for administration;
the other two have netted €66. Numbers fluctuate, approximately – 6 in level 3, first level about 20, second
level about 14/15 regularly. Last one is next Wednesday, then recommencing second Wednesday in

9. Mayoral Meetings
No response to requests. Silvana still away, PG has enquired as to when she returns. A meeting has been
organised by Silvana for 11th January 2020, at the Cultural Centre, as a follow up to the October meeting.
CDiP are also arranging a meeting, indicated by means of a letter posted on Facebook – which included
many erroneous statements. One element concerned the statement concerning availability of fin de obras –
these are not generally available Camposol-wide although some had been completed and had been
collected by CRA in around 2009 and issued to residents who enquired. But many were missing. It should
be made clear that a fin de obras is a document signed by an architect, indeed solely the architect who
dealt with the development is qualified to sign the document – however he is now deceased. This raises yet
another question – how can anyone at the Council therefore sign such a document?

GC had been given to understand that ten years following completion of a property there should be an
inspection of the property to confirm conformity and he is aware of some architect visits having been made.
GC to obtain what details he can of who visited and when.

10. Issues from Gardening Groups
Although absent Colin commented that :
I mentioned before about the TH wanting the gardening groups to form an umbrella association as they
(the TH) only wanted to deal with one organisation. We were all set to do this as there are a number of
things we would like the TH to become involved with. However, since this ‘Community of Owners’
situation has come up we have decided to take this off the agenda and do nothing for the time being. We
decided that the four groups coming together under one umbrella was very much like forming our own
Community of Gardening Groups and we certainly do not want to be held up as an example, with certain
people saying ‘ well the gardening groups have done it so why not the other residents’. For this reason we
are going to remain with the status quo for now and wait and see what develops.

No comments from the other groups.

11. Any Other Business

11.1. FoCC Comments
As representative of Friends of Costa Cálida, James Tamplin had commented :
I would just like to wish Camposol Residents Association’s new Spanish tutor all the best for her upcoming
classes. Also the very best of luck to the CRA committee in their endeavours to reopen the public
swimming pool on Camposol. That will be a tough one after all these years but I have no doubt they will
leave no rock unturned in trying to achieve their goal. It would be great for residents, non residents and
holiday makers alike who don’t have access to a pool as well as good for Camposol in general.

11.2. British Consulate Pop-ups
Not many people attended on 13 November at Consum – another being arranged at Javea – notice to be
placed on website.

11.3. Taxi Service
No update – recommended to apply for licence.

11.4. Email Silvana
Update on situation awaited – as per item 9, Silvana is still away and it was understood she was scheduled
to return in about 10 days.

It had been intended to hold surgeries weekly at the Cultural Centre and these had not continued in
Silvana’s absence. Enquiry to be made as to whether substitute could be made. Six weeks is a long period
without representation. Many enquiries as to how to meet Silvana had been made at the Centre – there
was no notice or information as to how contact could be made. It was understood she is reluctant to put up
notices but the feeling around the table was that she should be contactable as the representative of

PG would raise this and several other questions on her return.

11.5. Round Table, proposed by TH
In August it had been proposed and accepted that Round Table would be set up. The document with four
signatures of the participants is still awaited. Some abbreviated copies do exist but what is required and
has been repeatedly requested, is a copy of the fully document with all recommendations. It was noted
that Paul Dury had been sceptical as to the likelihood of the meetings taking place. It is imperative to
ensure they do happen in order to pursue matters at higher levels, if necessary.

11.6. Legal Advice / Strategy
As noted under item 7, JM will organise the document for individual comment/editing

11.7. Governance of CRA
11.7.1. Registration of new Committee
Response from Tina still awaited – administrator in Puerto. This is a contact of Silvana and the only
information held is an email address, so when Silvana returns we can request more information.
PG has included this on his list of queries.

11.7.2. Amendments to the Constitution
DS has made certain recommendations to various paragraphs of the constitution which should be updated
to reflect the present day situation.

All members to comment on constitution available on this link :
CJM to collate and present at next meeting – all in favour

11.8. Management of Cultural Centre
DS noted AC / heating not available. Again, as Silvana was not available to resolve the issue the matter
could be added to the list of queries for her – however, it is thought a switch is located in a locked

Date of the next meeting is :
Monday, 13 January 2020, 2pm at the Golf Club
With relevant seasonal greetings all round, the Meeting closed at 15.48