To all Camposolers and not just the members of the Camposol Residents Association, who now number 1120, which is about 1/3 of the total number of residents on the Padron covering El Saladillo.

We recently had two meetings at which we were left in no doubt that the situation on Camposol is not going to improve in the short term and may not even get better in the long term unless we escalate the issues on Camposol, again, and highlight the indifference expressed by the Town Hall, the Region and the British Consulate.

Whilst Silvana Buxton tries to do her best for Camposol, she has been backed into a corner by Town Hall Politics and has more or less relinquished what we have been trying to address in trying to get the Urbanisation finished to a safe and legal standard. Taking into account what the Spanish Constitution considers to be citizens’ rights and local government responsibilities, Mazarron Town Hall fails miserably.

We have to exclude the British Consulate from the future progress of our complaints as they also do not seem to be in a position to help and despite meetings with the Town Hall and Region they do not have any powers to persuade the Spanish Authorities to do something about the situation.

We need your backing to progress the issues on Camposol to higher authorities other than the Town Hall and the Region. We need to talk to interested parties who may be able to bring the pressure on to those that are failing us. What has been an ongoing disgrace and a could not care less attitude by local authorities, who have let this situation develop over a 20 year time period.

So how can you help? There is a ‘strength in numbers’ which can be a game changer so we ask if you’re not a member of the CRA, you can join for free, by going to our website and look for the join tab. You know it makes sense.

We could say a great deal more, but for now, we just want to get on with the job of getting things right so we can all live the dream on Camposol , which has a good community spirit and lots of potential to be a fantastic urbanisation.

Thank you for reading and supporting our efforts.

Phil Gelling


Camposol Residents Association.