Silvana will be on Costa Calida Radio 90.00 – 100 FM (or listen online on Thursday 23rd May, at 13:30 … listen to the true facts as she describes them in plain English, on the past, present and future of Camposol. She has been the driving force behind the CRA for the last 4 years, and has achieved recognition and action from the Regional Assembly of Murcia and from the CHS (Water Authority).

She has now entered the political scene with the only Political Party that has been by her side during the last 3 years, the PSOE, and she is counting on your vote (for PSOE, as in Spain you vote for a Party and not for a person), to ensure that she achieves her aim of becoming Councillor for Foreigners, and therefore give you and all the Expats in the Mazarron Municipality, a powerful voice in the Town Hall.