In spite of substantial overspending by the outgoing Council, in some departments surpassing the whole year’s budget in less than 6 months, the new Mayor Gaspar Miras is making inroads into some of Camposol’s problems with the constrained resources he has at hand.

His team of enthusiastic and dedicated Councillors are working flat-out to resolve the outstanding issues throughout the Municipality, whilst addressing the challenging demands from more than 120.000 tourists who are spending their summer vacations in our Municipality.

It is well known that the solution to many of the problems in Camposol will not happen overnight, but contrary to the blatant abandonment of previous governments, things are actually beginning to happen.

Some of the dangerous potholes around the urbanization are being repaired, but the much needed total completion of the roads remains a priority. Confident in the Council intervention when needed, it should no longer be necessary for unauthorised and uninsured road repair works to take place.

Any dangerous potholes should be reported to:

– Your Camposol Councillor contactable by email: , or

– directly to the Town Hall, with a complaint form (solicitud 001) in Spanish, or

– via the Green Line app. ‘LINEA VERDE’, which can easily be downloaded on your mobile.

A list of dangerous potholes is being compiled for the Councillor for Services who will visit the area/s and prioritise the work.

Some street lights, especially in sectors A and B are being repaired. Regrettably, the situation in C and D is more complex to resolve, but the problem is being addressed with a view of providing the whole urbanization with the legally required street lighting. The Mayor is planning to visit Camposol at night-time, sometime in September, to evaluate the extent of the problem.

A more frequent police patrol can be seen around the urbanization. The Press recently reported that 5 more police officers are joining our Municipality, which may help to ensure a faster response time when in need of assistance.

Although being severely restricted by a 113,956€ overspend, inherited from the previous government, the Councillor responsible for Fiestas and Celebrations ensured that the organisers of the ‘Camposol Fiesta’ which will take place between the 23rd and the 25th August will continue to receive the attention and the support of the Town Hall.

The Councillor for Camposol, together with the Head of the ‘Protección Civil’ and the Councillor for Health and Safety, are in the process of addressing issues of concern throughout the urbanization, in order to maximise the safety and security of all.

The Mayor of Mazarrón has expressed the wish to meet personally the associations and the groups who contribute to making our community safe, enjoyable and interesting. Such meetings can be arranged through your Councillor, Silvana, who can be contacted by email: