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The Mayor distributes the councils of the Government Team

Among the new features include the creation of a councillor for Puerto de Mazarrón and another for Camposol.

This morning the mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, has proceeded to the distribution of the delegated councils of the City of Mazarrón to the various councilors that make up the government team, among which are some new areas “for a better management of the resources of the consistorio and a greater commitment both with the citizens of Mazarrón, as well as with all those who pay part of their taxes here “.

 In this sense, we have proceeded to the creation of an exclusive councillor for Puerto de Mazarrón in a historic decision that aims to ensure that the coastal population has a definitive representation and weight within the City Council. But it is not the only population nucleus that is going to acquire its own entity within the consistory of Mazarron since the urbanization of Camposol will also have its own councillor.

 The distribution of the different councils and responsible for them is as follows:

 Ginés Campillo will be responsible for Finance, Urbanism and Infrastructure, Culture and Historical Heritage.
 Plácida Gómez will be responsible for Personnel, Industry, Environment, Municipal Heritage, Employment and Training and Local Development.
 Conchi Aparicio will take the departments of Education, Archives and Libraries and Parks and Gardens.
 Miguel Ángel Peña will take charge of the areas of Celebrations, Social Policy, Equality and New Technologies.
 Tomás Ureña will be the owner of the departments of Services, Transportation and Contracting.
 Raquel Raja will be responsible for Tourism, Coastal Services and Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development.
 José María Moreno will lead the councils of Citizen Participation, Pedanías and Puerto de Mazarrón.
 Francisco José García will be responsible for Sports, Health and Civil Protection and SEM.
 Silvia García will be in charge of the areas of Youth, Trade and Consumption and Animal Welfare.
 Silvana Buxton will be in charge of the councils of Camposol and International Relations.
For its part, the mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras, will stay with the Local Police and Internal Regime areas.