As arranged by Mazarrón Council’s new Councillor for Foreign Relations Silvana Buxton, the Mayor of Mazarrón visited the urbanization on 10/7/2019. This is the first of many planned visits to Camposol that Gaspar intends to do on a regular basis.

Here is a feedback for your information:

We met at 8am at the Social Centre. Note was taken of repairs required for: outer and inner front doors, window in hall, emergency door, dance bar, wall mirror. The air conditioning issue was already addressed last week, now awaiting a new part. Hand-dryer in ladies’ toilet should be replaced soon.

Sector B, by the Commercial Centre: blocks of damaged and rusty (never used) letter boxes by Commercial Centre to be removed, as well as those in Sector C by the golf course

Sector A – Visit to the Medical Centre. Note taken for: repairs to front door glass; blinds on big windows by the reception desk and by entrance door; possible provision of drinking water machine.

Perimeter road (Calle Sierra de la Torre Cilla), off Junction 15 – Large and numerous pot-holes to be repaired, and list to be made of roads requiring urgent repairs. Silvana will be speaking with the Gardening groups to seek assistance in gathering localised information.

C/Aljibe – A visit was made to the stretch of road which is sinking. Further deterioration was noted since Gaspar’s last visit in April, the issue will be addressed soon in order to avoid a possible disaster.

Sector C-South – A visit was made to several roads.

Bridge between sectors B & C – Road surface to be made good; section of sinking pavement and lamp-post noted.

Refuse bins in need of replacement – to be discussed when more information is available.

A brief discussion took place on the provision of street lighting. The issue will be addressed as soon as practically possible.

We also talked briefly about the issues regarding the ‘adoption’ situation of Camposol, including the procedure and legalities. Very complex issues to be discussed with other members of the Town Hall and possibly the legal team.

It should be noted that funding for this financial year’s budgetary projects has already been committed by the previous Council.

I will keep you informed, through as many media avenues as possible including the CRA, of any progress on the above, or on any other issues that will involve our urbanization.

Councillor Silvana Buxton