The Regional President and Minister of Health have given a Press Conference on the transition to Phase 1, translation below

López Miras (Regional President) threatens to return to phase 0 if there is regrowth or poor citizenship

Regional Health Authority contemplates a possible “reversal” for specific areas of the Region if cases pick up – the Regional President requests more law enforcement forces troops to prevent mobility between provinces

The Regional Government analyses postponing the celebration of shows with 200 people in the audience.

For this reason, prudence was one of the most repeated words in his speech. A call for responsibility from Murcia to face phase 1 minimising the chances of contagion.

The phase changes of all the territories are decided by the Ministry of Health. However, the regional governments make proposals for these changes. Thus, Miras warned that “if we observe that there is a new rise in the rate of those affected by Covid-19, we would not have the slightest hesitation in requesting the Ministry of Health to go back to phase 0” of the de-escalation.

The Regional President confirmed that if there is “uncivil behaviour” or the rebound of cases occurring in an area of ​​the Region, “the request to go back to phase 0 of that specific territory would be submitted.”

When asked by LA OPINION about the crowds that have been seen in places frequented for sports, the Health Minister, Manuel Villegas, expressed concern and made a call for responsibility: “Phase 1 is a phase of responsibility. We pass the baton to the people so that they can continue to demonstrate, that if we do it well, they can go to phase 2”.

On the other hand, López Miras demanded from Pedro Sánchez “a certain margin for manoeuvre” in the management of the de-escalation, “always with a restrictive character”, to apply measures.

Specifically, Miras wants to avoid holding cultural shows that bring together up to 200 people from the public in the Region. “Due to the low incidence of the virus, the population is less immunised. We consider that it is better to wait and avoid such mass meetings, “said Miras.

Another major concern of the Regional Government is the possible arrival of tourists. López Miras again asked the President of the Central Government to control mobility between provinces: “It is essential to avoid an unnecessary spread of the virus again. I have requested a special reinforcement from the Security Forces and Corps that guarantees control and movement limitation”.

Regarding the time slots, Miras considered that they do not make much sense in phase 1, so he will not request a change in them as they had planned at the beginning of phase 0. Miras criticised Sánchez that the measures businesses have to apply to adapt to the phase changes should be published more in advance in a BOE, “not knowing the conditions in which they will have to open just 24 hours before having to implement them.”

He also asked the central government for a plan to reconcile family and work life for parents who have to return to work, but cannot take their children to school because they will remain closed. “It is necessary to articulate a solution that favours that reconciliation,” he said.

Miras concluded his appearance with the reminder that “the best protection is within each of us”.