The Region has allotted Mazarron 138,000€ in Social Aid for the COVID crisis, Municipalities breakdown on this link, translation below

Aid of 138,000 euros to Mazarrón families to alleviate the effects of COVID-19

The Governing Council has approved a decree allocating 6,121,349 euros to help families cope with extraordinary social situations arising from covid-19

These are subsidies to all local agencies through the Primary Care Social Services of town halls and associations. The objective is to reinforce social benefits with an economic envelope that allows greater attention to be paid to large families, single parents, children and the elderly.

Specifically, it will finance projects and labour contracts necessary to develop benefits such as the reinforcement of proximity services at home to guarantee care, support, connection to the environment, security and food, especially those aimed at older people, disabled or dependent situation.

The operation of home telecare devices will also be increased and strengthened, and sufficient income will be guaranteed to families to ensure coverage of their basic needs, whether emergency or top up. This will allow them, for example, to buy food and medicine and pay bills for water and electricity.

It also includes the reinforcement of respite services for caregivers and conciliation measures for those families (especially single-mother and single-father) who have low incomes and need to go to their workplace or leave their home for justifiedand urgent reasons.

The municipal councils will be able to allocate part of the endowment to hire 74 professionals for support and management of basic benefits to cover sick leave or reduce the overload of the staff, which will make it possible to serve more than 155,000 people.

In the distribution of the amount, the municipalities with more minors and older people have been prioritized, taking into account, in addition, the geographical dispersion. The smallest municipalities are the ones that will receive the most money per inhabitant, since they tend to be the oldest.

This endowment is part of the Contingency Fund for Regional Governments, which provides for a state credit supplement with a total of 300 million, of which 9,284,806 euros is applied to the Region, which has allocated 6.1 million to projects of local agencies.

The rest has been used to finance the confinement of homeless people during the state of alarm; expand the Telecare service to 500 more people in a situation of dependency since March 16 and to enable free telephones to attend to families and senior citizens of the residences. Also to the extension of the Basic top up Income to some 500 more people, at the rate of 150,000 euros per month.