For the past few weeks I have been struggling to find the right words to say and to complete all the outstanding tasks on my to do list which was about the only thing I could get my head around this year, so far. The change in the political arena both here and in the United Kingdom was difficult enough to cope with but being hit with a world-wide pandemic has really knocked everybody out of their stride, including me, and has panicked everybody into taking stock of their situation and life style. I feel for those people who have lost family in this pandemic and I send my condolences. I also send my best wishes to those that have been thrust into the front line fighting to beat and subdue the virus.

Here in Camposol we have an excellent community spirit and it’s showing with almost all the population adhering to the lockdown rules and changes which have been happening on a very frequent basis. The CRA and the council have been very active in making sure the frequent changes have been passed on to the residents via whatever communication methods are available. Our Councillor for International Relations, Silvana Buxton, has been very busy along with the Guardia Civil and the Local Police in making sure we abide by the rules and we know what the rules are. Rob Humphreys (CRA Committee member) and Paul Drury have also been very active in supporting the Councillor. There have been others also making sure communications have been kept up to date through the various Facebook groups.

A group of businesses who have remained open should be acknowledged for their efforts in keeping residents supplied with food and other needs but there are too many to mention but did include shops like Consum, Alens, and Quicksave. There are lots of businesses who had to close under the terms of the Lockdown who will need our support when it becomes business as usual. So please remember to shop locally when we return to what will be the new normality.

The CRA has continued its research into what can be done about getting the infrastructure sorted but whilst being told it has a good case we are struggling to find a legal eagle prepared to fight our corner. Any discussions with the council had also dried up before the lockdown when the council tried to get the CRA and residents to agree to the setting up of Community of Owners per Poligono. The Council has shown a complete reluctance to enter into discussions despite the Regional Commission’s findings which made 14 recommendations for the Town Hall to adopt. The CRA has signed up to a Round Table recommendation which the Town Hall are obliged to set up and as yet there have been no discussions or invites sent out to the parties required to attend. The additional parties to the Council being the Confederation Hydografica, the Regional Council and the CRA. The Council have made some small changes and have set a budget of 500,000 euros per year to spend on Infrastructure, which is under 5% of the total budget for Mazarron, but as yet we have seen no big changes or commitment. This council over the years has shown little or no appetite to fix the infrastructure problems and the latest incarnation of the Council whilst providing a budget for the first time does not look like improving the situation.

If you as a member have a view, about what direction you think the CRA should take going forward, we would like to hear it. Please send your comments to

Best wishes and stay safe,

Phil Gelling

CRA Chairperson.