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Regional Health Authority advises to reinforce the cleaning of air conditioning filters to avoid the spread of viruses

Natural ventilation is considered a priority to renew the air, so climate control systems should not be used for air recirculation.

The Ministry of Health advises to reinforce the cleaning of air conditioning filters before use, in order to avoid the spread of viruses in homes and commercial premises.

As prevention against the increase in temperatures in recent days, and the possible use of air devices, it is considered a priority to use natural ventilation although, if it is essential to use refrigeration machines in the environment, slow flows should be used and include these devices in the cleaning and disinfection protocols of the establishments, since they can collect particles like any other surface.

Therefore, one of the tips of the health authorities is that the air conditioning systems should not be used for air recirculation if possible. This includes household appliances that can operate in public places.

The route of airborne transmission of Covid-19 disease through small particles or micro-aerosols from drops evaporated from the respiratory secretions of those infected, or from dust with the infectious agent, is a hypothesis not yet scientifically proven, but the Similarity with other known viruses and that has been isolated in ventilation ducts of infected rooms means that this transmission route cannot be ruled out. The virus transported in these particles could remain in the air for a time and be transported by the flows of ventilation or air conditioning systems.

Outside air

In the case of centralized equipment that cannot be switched off, recirculation must be avoided, working exclusively with outside air. To facilitate the ventilation process, it should be scheduled to operate a few hours before opening and also maintain it for a time after closing.

Filter cleaning must be carried out with the frequency and method recommended by the equipment manufacturer and with protection (masks and gloves).

In the toilets, the extractors must work continuously, and when using the toilet, before flushing we must lower its lid to reduce the release of aerosols: although the fecal-oral route is not proven, the small size and poor ventilation of the toilets makes it advisable and should be adopted out of habit to prevent other diseases. In case of having a window, it should not be opened due to the risk of flows into the establishment.

Adequate ventilation

Order SND / 388/2020, of May 3, which establishes the conditions for the opening of certain shops and services to the public, and the opening of archives, as well as for the practice of professional and federated sport, establishes in its Article 2.3 that ‘adequate ventilation of all establishments and commercial premises will be guaranteed’.

Also the document ‘Good practices in the workplace. Measures for the prevention of contagion of the Covid-19 of the Ministry of Health indicates that it is advisable to reinforce the cleanliness of the air filters and increase the level of ventilation of the air conditioning systems to renew the air more regularly.