Minutes of meetings
The CRA have recently been asked why the minutes of meetings no longer appear on our web, and why there are no longer regular newsletters. We want to clear this up straight away in this newsletter.

The CRA was recently made aware that, in order to comply with the Spanish Regulations for Voluntary Associations, a LIBRO DE ACTA MUST be used to record decisions taken at meetings. This is a book specifically for this purpose, which is designed to have decisions of the committee written out in Spanish.
This is now in operation, and renders unnecessary the posting of minutes on the website. Any member wishing to view the LIBRO DE ACTA can do so, by arrangement with our Secretary at info@camposolresidents.es

Though the committee wish to make it clear that this is a legal requirement, so as such, is non-negotiable.

It is true that newsletters are sent out with much less frequency now than previously. There is a perfectly straightforward reason for this, and I, Peter Pont as Communications officer must apologise to the membership for not making this reason clear much earlier. The reason is that we now have a modern, easy to use website which is updated regularly. We are therefore expecting members to check out the news section of the website. There is a lot happening at present and to send out each document every time that members need to, or might wish to see something, would probably fill an inbox!

Newsworthy articles
For example on the website recently we have an essay dated 13th March aimed at suggesting the CDiP and the CRA should bury their past differences and CDiP should work together with us for the benefit of all of Camposol. We fully appreciate that both parties want what is best for Camposol, but we have different ideas of how to get there. The CRA by making friends with a party that shares our desire to improve Camposol, and the CDiP by forcing any party to help Camposol even though it doesn’t want to, with the promise of support by the councillors that might be elected. I would ask the members to read the essay, which also makes some apologies for past misunderstandings and asks for some clarity following complaints about past misunderstandings. On that subject I would finalise it by saying that a divided Camposol damages us all. We need to work together for the future of Camposol. We believe we have a great multilingual candidate in our own Silvana Buxton. Note: the essay was written before the CDiP meeting last night but was welcomed at it.

CRA open meeting with PSOE
We would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting on 7th March and the support we got at the meeting and afterwards. We consider this a huge success. We would also like to thank the president of CDiP for the kind words expressed at the end of the meeting in support of the speaker and his genuine ambitions for Camposol. We have to say this came as something of a surprise to some of us, but it is most gratefully received. The opening speech of the local leader of PSOE Gaspar Miras Lorente is now on this website for members to read, as is a very brief summary of the questions and answers that followed. I would like to stress however, that whilst PSOE acknowledge that all sectors of Camposol are already adopted, so basic services can come to Camposol very shortly after a successful election, many of the plans are long-term requiring outside funding which is there to be had. Please don’t expect all our problems to be solved overnight.

CRA committee members
We are of course always on the lookout for new members of the CRA. At this time we are also looking for current members to join our committee at the next AGM. Any current member of the CRA is welcome to stand. However, we would particularly invite people who are active in other voluntary organisations to come and join us. You may have seen that we are looking to bring the voluntary organisations together for a meeting to talk about how we can work better united. We would also particularly like to see people join us from the Country Club and anyone with language skills, particularly, but not only, Spanish.

We are to decide on a date for the AGM at our next meeting, but it will be some time after the local elections in May. Details of the AGM will follow in our next newsletter.

Before closing this newsletter let me add that we are on the verge of a local election that has a huge capacity to change Camposol for the better. We will only achieve the maximum for Camposol if we bury past differences and all work together. Come and play your part in working together for the future of Camposol.

Peter Pont
Camposol Residents Association
Communication Officer