Minutes of Committee Meeting Monday, 26 July 2021, 10.30am Sensol Golf Club, Camposol

Presentation in English made by Charlotte on behalf of the founders of ADG Security Services. Ana and Damien.

Ana works for Campillo in Urbanismo of Mazarrón Ayuntamiento. Together with her husband Damien and they realised there was a problem with the ability of the Police to deal with robberies etc on Camposol and early in 2021 discussed with several security companies the ways in which this could be addressed. In June 2021 they formed the Company of ADG and agreed to use the company Salzillo to provide a service of night-time surveillance. The aim is to use a car per Sector manned by two follow variable routes around the sectors. To completely finalise viable setting up the Company, subscription of around 500 homes is required. Advertising has been undertaken on the radio, press and internet plus some open meetings. Some detail of the way in which surveillance and contact would be managed was discussed.

Cost currently €30 per month per household, with Group fees per polygono of €27 per house for over 30 houses and €25 per month for over 50 houses. There is currently a €10 discount for the first month.

Charlotte will act as liaison/translator between owner, ADG and Salzillo. She is currently registering name, phone number, email until viable numbers reached.

It was suggested by PG and approved by the CRA committee that an ADG advert be posted on the CRA website for information for the residents of Camposol.

NJ thanked ADG for their attendance and presentation.

Present :- Phil Gelling [Chairman] (PG); Jayne Miller [Secretary] (CJM); Gordon Cockburn [Treasurer] (GC) Colin Barton (CB); Carol Francis (CF); Dave Jackson (DJ); Nigel Jones (NJ); Alison Lister (AL)

Noted that all minutes for 2021 so far had been accepted and were available on the website.

1. Apologies for Absence

Shirley Dibden; Rob Humphreys; Steve Reynolds.

2. Registration of the Association / New Committee Members

New members introduced – D Jackson, safety off-shore; Carol Francis, previously an immigration officer; Alison Lister qualified in psychiatry, notably challenging behaviour unit, previously on CRA Committee, pleased to be back and happy to do anything – fund raising team player.

PG outlined background of employment of Maura and C Team. He reiterated the need to identify strengths and jobs to be done. Notably deputies for all roles required and a team of fund raisers. Rob is keen to pass on responsibility for the web-site and this is another area to be addressed urgently.

Membership of the Committee has changed again – GC and PG to go see Tina during this week.

3.Treasurer’s Report

Bank €9239.19; Petty Cash in hand €333.90; €63.30 in PayPal account.

4. Next Steps

Letters drafted to the Ayuntamiento, CHS and Region notably concerning problems on the bridge. All signed by PG Maura and team will back up and arrange appointment with Region.

Pedro has spoken to the President of Murcia Region and Maura is hoping that a meeting with hi will be arranged before September.

5. Membership

Membership stands at 1326. MailChimp has registered circulation of 1018 of which only 976 are active – 894 are subscribers Average reads of newsletter on website is 71.1% percent of visitors.

6. Fundraising

AL undertook to arrange functions for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines 2022 and will liaise with NJ.

7. Reports from the Gardening Groups

John McCracken seems to have been unable to attend for quite some time. CJM to request another representative for Green Fingers. Still no response from A Sector. GC to find someone from D Group. Otherwise, CB to keep in touch with Groups and report on behalf of all. No further meetings nothing to report

8. Any Other Business


PG had posted some photos of the Bridge on Google maps, which apparently ‘gone viral’ and had been posted on the noticeboard etc. Should reinforce the letters being despatched.

8.2. Treasurer

CB offered to take over as Treasurer, accepted with thanks.

Next meeting : 17 August, 3pm at the Golf Club