Message to the Members of the Camposol Residents Association and Residents and Holiday Home Owners from Phil Gelling former Chair of CRA

As the most recent President of the CRA and being one of those responsible for choosing different tactics for raising awareness of Camposols issues I would like to take this opportunity to back the change in policy of the CRA in supporting a candidate in the local elections and backing Silvana Buxtons possible appointment as a PSOE candidate.

As some of you are aware I succeeded Bob Owen and spent nearly 4 years driving the CRA in the direction of the courts, the Regional Assembly, the Press and partnering Murcia Transparente and we have still to see the results of our efforts come to fruition. During my time as President of the CRA we were constantly attacked by CDiP’s current President Tom Finnegan for failing Camposol and the same could be said about some other residents of Camposol and to add further lack of co-operation by a variety of Town Hall Mayors with one exception Paco Garcia (AS formerly with PSOE).

Our efforts gained us National T.V coverage, Regional and National Press exposure but only local ignorance with again the only real exception being Paco Garcia. We also met PSOE representatives at Regional level, along with PODEMOS, CIUDADANOS and the support of a couple of opposition councillors at Town Hall level, not the PP as they said they would call us when they had something to tell us. Still waiting for that phone call. We did present a list of 44 issues on two occasions and not one of those issues has been addressed by the PP coalition.

During this period we attended lots of local Pleno meetings, Regional meetings, Press Meetings and representations with Seprona, (the environmental arm of the Guardia Civil), and the Administrators of Justo y Manoli and we even met the Fiscalia to highlight the plight of Camposol.

There have been various attempts by residents and former CRA committees and the original A sector entity to address issues with a modicum of success with the Murcian Ombudsman but no final solution. Camposol has been in existence since way before my time when purchasing a villa off plan and I go back 17 years. So, everybody, is it not time we had representation on the Town Council, the Regional Parliament and the National Government so we can get the funding necessary to finally start getting Camposol fixed once and for all? That representation needs to come in the form of a Political Party that operates at all levels and has a strong following and strong presence at all three levels. Realistically CdiP cannot offer that, the PP party has proved it’s intransigence over 15 years of local government, so they are a waste of time, AS is not strong enough and the only other party with a strong presence at all levels and supports an anti-corruption mandate is PSOE.

So please think long and hard about your decision when it comes time to vote in the elections.

Yours Sincerely

Phil Gelling