Now that we have the festive period behind us and important Spanish local elections are imminent, we would like to take this opportunity to put forward our viewpoint regarding last autumn’s political shambles within CDIP – the Camposol and District Independent Party.

Firstly, we must thank the CRA who have offered this opportunity to use their column as we feel an explanation is due to the people of Camposol as to the reasons for the fall out within CDIP, in order that you can make educated decisions in the next election.

Last year 5 of us were members of the CDIP Committee and were very active, loyal and enthusiastic in working towards getting elected representation for Camposol on to the Mazarron Town Council in the forthcoming local elections.
However, due to internal disagreement over the basic running of the Committee within CDIP, we were unable to support decisions taken single handedly by our then General Secretary, Tom Finnegan. Our belief in the democratic Committee structure was that decisions made should be done following consultation and agreement with Committee members. Unfortunately, this never happened!

For example, the decision made by Tom Finnegan, without due process, to give back one third of our total funds to a Donator, which when spoken to by the rest of the Committee, reiterated that it was a donation and was never expected to be paid back!

Despite several attempts by us at conciliation and the reversal of the arbitrary dictatorial and incorrect decisions made by Tom Finnegan, the General Secretary, he remained totally inflexible and therefore left us no option but to resign our positions, as this would have meant we would be telling the good people of Camposol untruths. We categorically refute the accusations and allegations made by Mr Finnegan in the media, about which were both derogatory and unacceptable.
Further an EGM was called without a statute Committee, at which Mr Finnegan proclaimed himself to be the elected President after counting illegal proxy votes. At that meeting all resigned Committee members were denied the opportunity to answer questions posed by members who wanted to know the reasons for our resignations, but this was denied.

Recently our ex-Vice President spoke informally to Silvana ,Buxton, Acting President of the CRA, Camposol Residents’ Association. In conversation he offered to support her in her campaign within the PSOE Party to gain a seat on Mazarron Town Council. We believe this is the only positive way forward to ensure success at the next election with representation on Mazarron Town Council.

A few weeks later there was a further conversation with the Acting CRA President when she enquired if the ex CDIP Committee members would be willing to physically support her campaign for the election. This was discussed at length and was agreed. The main reason for doing so is that we feel that this is a positive opportunity to enable us to continue to help the people of Camposol in a united front for our quest to get things done on Camposol. We therefore ask you to support her campaign in whatever way possible.

Ex CDIP Vice President Graham Colquitt
Ex CDIP Social Secretary, Barbara Colquitt
Ex CDIP Minute Secretary, Elaine Stamford
Ex CDIP Business Secretary, Bryan Stamford
The ex President, Dr Peter Pitt, agrees with what we are doing but has decided not to join this crusade as he has other plans for the future.