Brexit Preparation

CAB Spain have been instrumental in informing its followers of all important updates relating to the many probable procedures in the event of a no deal Brexit.

With barely three weeks for a possible no deal exit (October 31), the Dirección General de Trafico (DGT) has published a protocol for all those residents still holding a UK driving licence. If you fall into this category it is important that you read the information below as in a no deal scenario, you have just over two weeks to act.

Should the UK exit on October 31 with a withdrawal agreement, then UK Nationals would expect that the transition period would be honoured giving UK licence holders further time to change/renew their licences for a Spanish permit.

No-Deal Brexit Protocol for Residents with UK Driving Licences

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For members who are nonresidents but own a holiday home or like to visit Spain, there is a Schengen Calculator that can help you plan your stay once the UK exits the EU. Unless special arrangements are made, UK nationals will only be able to stay in a EU member state for 90 days in any 180 days. This calculator will also be useful for our non-members who also plan to visit.

Schengen Calculator

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Some of you may for various reasons be considering returning to the UK. We wish to provide with the procedures both for leaving Spain and for your return to the UK.

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