The following was in yesterday’s (13th May) Mazarron Hoy

Fumigation against mosquitoes in Mazarrón and Camposol

The Department of Health continues with the intensification of the work of disinsection against mosquitoes

Today the work has focused on Mazarrón and Camposol and will continue this week in other parts of the municipality.

Apart from these works, we can all collaborate to prevent the proliferation of this annoying insect:

▪️Avoid containers that can accumulate standing water

▪️Maintain adequate levels of chlorine in pools and rafts

▪️Protect wells, ponds and reservoirs with nets and mosquito nets

▪️ Monitor drip risk

▪️Pour water into drains to avoid standing water

▪️Renew the (pets) drinking water every 2 or 3 days