Beaches use protocols issued by Regional Government and other authorities, translating below

Guide for the safe use of beaches

This set of recommendations expands and specifies the protocol published yesterday by the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports, through the Institute of Tourism of the Region of Murcia (Itrem) and the General Directorate for Tourism Quality and Competitiveness, proposes a set of ten rules to coastal municipalities for the safe use of the Beaches.

It is a guide of good practices that expands and specifies the protocol published by the Ministry of Health this Sunday, which offers recommendations to beach users on access, capacity limitations, hygiene, use of protection elements such as masks or gloves, as well as the use of equipment and services.

It has been prepared based on the guide of recommendations for beaches prepared by the Ministry of Health, the Regional Authorities, the Municipalities and the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE).

These rules, common to all the municipalities of the Murcian coastline, aim to consolidate the Region of Murcia as a safe tourism destination, reducing any risk of Covid-19 infection during the opening of beaches and bathing areas to the public.

The ten standards are:

  • Do not come to the beach or leave it if you have symptoms of covid-19
  • Avoid unforeseen events: find out beforehand about the capacity of the beach, access control measures and restricted or out-of-use services
  • Check if there is an assisted bathing service on your beach and make an appointment
  • Respect the signs, accesses and exits of the beaches
  • Always respect the safety distance of two metres and, if not possible, wear a mask
  • Use the authorized equipment complying with the sanitary recommendations, wash your hands frequently and use your own towel
  • Do not buy unauthorized street food, drinks or textiles
  • Do not use sports and leisure items with people who are not in your group (boats, pedal boats, kayaks, etc.)
  • Deposit your mask, disposable tissues and the like in the indicated places or take them home
  • Collaborate at all times with the security and emergency bodies complying with the rules and instructions