Minutes of Committee Meeting 

Monday, 4 July 2022, noon 

Sensol Golf Club 

Present : as Chairman : Gordon Cockburn [Vice Chairman] 

Jayne Miller (CJM) [Secretary]; Colin Barton (CB) [Treasurer]; Wayne Blow (WB);  Angela Skinner (AS) 

  1. Apologies for Absence 

P Gelling 

  1. Minutes of previous meeting  

Minutes of the meeting held 6 June, having been circulated and there being no comment, were  duly signed by the Chairman. 

  1. Matters Arising 

There were no matters not covered by the agenda 

  1. Treasurer’s Report 

Expenditure during June had been relatively minimal – the greatest expense being €85 in respect  of advice concerning the website from Spain Today. Together with Google and AHM expenses  the total had been €105.90. Income from subscriptions amounted to €428.53. One payment to  the bank did not have a reference and it would be impossible to track down the payer. Members  must be urged to include their name as reference so their membership could be correctly  recorded. 

Current balances : Bank €1728.57; PayPal €349.38; cash in hand €2241.54 

Advertising needed to promote the membership subscriptions. One route would be to respond to  all those who voted in favour of subscriptions reminding them that payment is now due. 

  1. Membership 

Currently 1436 – two new members this last week.  

  1. Report from the AGM : (15 June 2022) 

A positive result in that all Committee members had been voted in unanimously. Attendance had  been disappointing – a total of 30, including all guests – however, this is sufficient mandate for the  Committee to continue. The subject of fees had been discussed and there had not been any  objections to the implementation. Most attendees spoken to were very positive about CRA  progress. 

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It was confirmed that Committee members elected for a three year term. Particularly in the light of  current difficulties registering the Committee, formal resignations must be obtained in the future  should a Committee member move away. Discussion turned to roles, WB to be Commincations  Officer, and AS Vice Secretary. 

The modulo for certification was duly signed by all present.  

  1. Update on progress by C Team 

Mazarrón Ayuntamiento and CHS plans to meet with Camposol reps to discuss the rambla –  meeting scheduled for 6th July. Gerardo unable to attend but suggested that Maura attend and  has requested an invitation, which request has been delivered to the town hall. The fact that  some form of Camposol representation was anticipated caused concern since CRA is the sole  Camposol-wide representative body and no invitation to CRA could mean that perhaps the  Business Association or perhaps Pedro were likely to be involved.  

It was suggested that Gerardo should be queried as to progress establishing the position  regarding our requirement to be involved in the dispersal of the €3 million 

  1. Website 

Meeting to be arranged GC,CJM and PG. 

  1. Plans for the future 

Committee and partners lunch/dinner to be arranged, should be considered for September/ October. All in favour.  

Subscription drive at Consum/GolfClub. As above, follow up the emails voting originally in favour  of subscription. GC unable to send out a proposed reminder this last week. CJM to send diagram  to CB. WB to set out rules on payments – latest dates etc, suggest allow until end of February  before lapse of membership; new members joining mid-year to pay pro-rata – and organise  tables at Consum, on A or Golf Club – Friday morning a good time, just an hour or two.  

  1. Any Other Business 

There being no other business the meeting closed at 12.50 

Next meeting : 1 August 2022, noon at Sensol Golf Club 

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